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  1. All brand new, never installed. Includes: -VDO Vision Series Analog Gauges 150121 -Lotek Single Gauge Pod (Black) for 850/X70 -ECS TDI Install Kit - https://www.ecstuning.com/b-vdo-parts/tdi-boost-gauge-install-kit/con007/ Price is $70 shipped ConUS OBO.
  2. i'm at 94062. updating shipping dimensions: 22 x 22 x 9, 14lb.
  3. Leftover from From the collection of 850s. Includes both the seat back and bottom. Bottom is mint, side of bolster has a small tear. 24"x24"x12" box, ~10lb Asking $100 + actual shipping, OBO.
  4. Price $700 OBO. Includes: -M56H from 1999 V70 NA (~160k miles). Has been taken apart, cleaned, and re-sealed. Has provisions for an external slave cylinder. -850 Pedalbox (Can be retrofit into a X70, but if you have a X70, why not just buy the right pedals and keep your pedalbox?) -Shifter Assembly -Shifter Cables -Spare shifter assemblies (make yourself a short-shift kit perhaps) -272218 R Clutch Kit -A huge bag of my spare hardware collected over the years. -A pigtail for the reverse light -A spare M4.4 ECU for sending to your favorite tuner. -Throttle Cable from a Manual -Snabb? Delrin mount bushings (not installed) -brass shifter bushings (not installed) Needs: Hydraulics & Hydraulic Line (the Slave could be re-used, but why would you do that?) trans Fluid A new home!
  5. One of ‘them tdis. 2014 Jetta sportwagen. also should add price is negotiable within reason.
  6. It's time to sell my beloved 850R wagon. Selling to make room for a new car. This previously used to belong to Carson. I've owned this car for about two and a half years. Price: $4000 OBO. Location: Redwood City, CA Mileage: ~174k on Dash, approx 215k real mileage. Title: Clean Here's what's been done to it: Engine: TD04HL-18T, White Injectors, S60R Manifold, SteveO Tune, Do88se Hoses, Silicone vacuum lines, Angle Flange outlet + 30k old catalyst. Exterior: X70 rear clear taillight housings, X70 Handles (have the original 850 handles), Fan Spray Nozzles, New-ish Roof Rack. R Bumper has been on for about 10k miles and was new at time of install, 20% tint all around, headlight wiper delete, has E-Code turn signals. Interior: Aftermarket deck with HD Radio and USB input, Lighted Map Lights, Homelink sunvisors. Suspension / Wheels: Some Strut Brace, Eibach Lowering Springs on Bilstein TCs, 16" perfos with approximately half of tread life left. Recent work: ~5k miles ago: Oil Change ~10k miles ago: Oil Change, Lowering Springs, Turbo, O2 Sensor, Injectors, ~30k miles ago: Timing Belt, brakes, struts + shocks, Valve Stem Seals Here's what's wrong with it: -Some minor issues with the paint where it appears something hit the vehicle above the wagon window on the passenger side. Some minor spots of things common on a 22+ year old car. See linked photo above. -A/C doesn't work (it's a bad accumulator / dryer) -Some noise from the front poly subframe bushings. And Photo Dump:
  7. okay cool guy, so how much do you seek to lose?
  8. This is the "What Are Winter Wheels" look:
  9. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/11/02/us/politics/paths-to-the-white-house.html