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  1. What about for reading 4000 posts? Nothing? Man...
  2. The wheels on that s60 look kinda familiar..?
  3. BS , I agree with RAZor and Gregg on this one. Youre just gonna have to pay .40 cents more for your strawberries and stop the slave classes from forming. I do have a better solution. Sieze Mexico! Tax everyone accordingly. Did you know they have more oil than Saudi Arabia (mightve just made that up). PMEX is huge tho. Just call it new texas or some crap who cares NAFTA has already done the dirty work for us just tell that Fox bastard his time is up.
  4. I understand your gripe, but around here "welfare" is the only thing that keeps people from robbing you at gunpoint to feed their 6 kids (and their meth habit).
  5. Yay cheap labor say the Republicans. Then they make the taxpayer pay for it and blame the liberals. Ever heard if the Banana republic? The Texas Ranger mercenaries. BTW what happens when you steal ppls farms in Puerto Rico and ship their crops to the US for canning? They move here genius. Its this great earth turning American Capitalism that you speak of. Erase the liberals is your solution but youve conveniently forget to to search for the causes of the problems. Its the fault of ignoramus's who chose to point fingers at a demographic instead of understanding the reasons behind the problems (im not calling you adolph but you get the idea). You talk about where ppl live and criticize them based on that, wheres your location in your sig? I can back you up that we have a problems, but thats all you pose, more problems and no solutions that aren't laughable. Youre like a backwards walking clown. Sure we need to build a wall, kick out all "illegals" and treat gang violence as domestic terrorism and hang the offenders on the spot, but our economy would sorely miss the cheap labor. Liberals my ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD, how long did the republicans control the senate?The conservatives are also to be blamed. Politicians are all the same shade of gray.
  6. For every loss there is a big tax break right around the corner...Seriously though how did they do that? Oh yeah I forgot about Taylor Hicks
  7. Well, 300 hp in such a heavy car at that price isn't going to stir too many ppl anyway. Whats wrong with carmakers? So dumb. While were at it, its a fwd layout right? So just midengine that I5 into a c30 style coupe ala renault 5 and Ill sell off my Starbucks stock for it. Rwd, awd, R badge or not whatever Im there. They really don't know us at all.
  8. Really what I think was the best addition is the google bar at the bottom. It is really what turned me into a supporting member and between the two search functions I can always find what I need.
  9. Thats true. Aside from safety standards let em run what they brung.
  10. Crack has to be a premium option. Could it be making them run for 300,000 miles with only timing belt changes? My sisters Toyota truck has 285,000+ miles on it and Ive replaced the timing belt (2), plugs cap n rotor(2), and a coolant hose. Thats it (besides fluids). Runs like a top. Damn them for cheating the laws of planned obsolescence.
  11. B)--> QUOTE(Plan B @ Feb 15 2007, 06:55 PM) ←Exactly, they are driving around in a friggin circle, if you have to cheat at that then you suck! Honestly, a cirle would be more interesting. Its an oval (2 turns a lap). This whole cheating thing shows that the referees were looking the other way at some point and letting the cheating happen, or the tests are getting more extensive. Either way I'd rather watch reruns of WRC than sit through 500 laps on an oval.
  12. If you do take it to court, lie. Say, I wasnt going over 63, 64 at the time and you were just following the rest of the case scenario, if you contest it he wont show up. Your best bet is to get as many extensions as possible.. max them out hopefully until the holidays. It gives the cop a chance to think he doesnt remember that well what happened and he might not show.
  13. you dont have to press select in the Contra, (or Life Force) code if youre only playing one player.
  14. A company has to stand by it's product. They should give you a new car and your money back, or fix it.