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  1. The Paulaner Hefe is way better than the Franziskaner. Try the Paulander Oktoberfest also (if you like this style) when you get the chance. I'm told that most of these are horribly inaccurate.
  2. Too smooth. Waayyy too easy to drink too much, too fast.
  3. I've always liked yous guys customer service. The only reason I don't order from ya 100% of the time is that I wish you stocked more OEM Volvo parts on the website instead of the brands like Scantech, etc.. Oh yeah, and you should sell more Saab parts too .
  4. Last I checked, Switzerland didn't have a ton of gangbangers "livin da thug life"... just saying. Other than using this point for argument, I agree with your stance.
  5. Transmission Mount Also, Since Mother's Cookies went bankrupt, their goodness must be savored while the last few bags are around :(
  6. Haha, no. I don't like them either. All I'm really pointing out here is that you have to take anything and everything from any news agency with a grain of salt... and that it's not difficult to "report the facts" and sway the viewer because of the facts that get reported. Not saying the delivery guy is the bad guy. Never have, never will deliver pizza.
  7. They forgot to mention that a gun was found at the scene, from other written reports I've read. And yes, the neighborhood people that saw nothing are victims, sure. And while CNN does not directly say so, they imply that the pizza guy made them victims because of his vigilante-like behavior, and had the robbery been successful, everything would've been just fine for the neighborhood. The pizza guy just highlighted the fact that there was a problem, that would've otherwise gone mostly unnoticed. News agencies can report whatever facts they want. The fact that they pick and choose only some of the facts, and say them in a certain way, can have significant impact upon the opinions that their viewers form from the stories. A more conservative agency (haha) might have the story go something like this: Two men, one of which was armed, attempted to rob a pizza delivery guy last night. The delivery guy shot and killed one of the robbers, while the other escaped. They then might go knocking on doors interviewing people until they find some guy that's glad there is one less scumbag roaming the streets now, commending the delivery guy for his work. End of story. Most people hearing that story would form a hell of a lot different opinions from the people who watch CNN. Also, by stating one of the robber's ages, an irrelevant fact, they tried to paint a picture of a pizza delivery guy completely lacking any sort of compassion for what some might presume is just a troubled youth. It's just too bad he didn't shoot the other robber.
  8. And in turn, making the pizza guy look like the bad guy... because he fired shots to protect himself.
  9. Those poor robbers.... according to CNN, they're the real victims here. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2007/1...ery.murder.kmov
  10. I have to wonder about the operations of tasers. Are they set up so that the officer can control the shooting of the probe and the shock seperately or is it just a one-step sort of thing? I'm assuming the latter.
  11. That's kinda the way I was leaning. Yeah, he should've taken the guy and showed him the sign first... case would've been made, but the guy shouldn't have walked away from the cop like that.
  12. http://origin.sltrib.com/ci_7523456 So who thinks who did what wrong here?
  13. Something like 45 to 50 percent of crimes in Sweden are commited by first gen immigrants. There have been very in-depth discussions about this over at the prime English-speaking meeting place for expats, The Local. EDIT: In fact, they had an article about immigration today, from a neutral and factual view today. You can read it here.
  14. Much better, it's a good bit further north on the east coast, unlike cities like Lund and Malmö, which are in the southernmost province of Skåne. You can think of it (Malmö) as a border town, much like some of the ones in the Southern US, which are stricken with poverty and crime due to the high volume of immigrants.
  15. Jupp. Everyone knows though that Malmö is not a good city to live in; too many invandrare in such short time is causing many problems. Maybe the new government with Reinfeldt will stop letting so many people in the country.
  16. WTF? Most awkward post of the month award?
  17. Surely you understand why it costs $2 million to put someone down, right?
  18. Tehe. Look at the dates of the previous posts . But yes, big holla (could I get any whiter?) to Chuck for getting everything back up and running.
  19. Sandy patches seem to get in the way of a lot of 16 yr olds.