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  1. What conditioner/ cleaner do you use?
  2. Hi All, Genuine leather seats. Cracks in drivers seat closest to door side. Looked at YouTube videos. Cleaned grime and oils via earth choice multi purpose with alot of scrubbing. Let dry. Then applied Zorbel Leather Conditioner with old shirt. Now do you let it sit overnight? Do you wipe off most residue? Do you reapply after letting rest overnight? Light whipe off until no longer sticky? Is something else to be applied? Yearly recommend application? Any other tips to bring back leather seats from neglect? Others saying it's not real leather? Do I apply beeswax?
  3. Hi all, Original battery......7 years I think. Repayment from battery place 5years. Kmart replacement currently over 5 years. 550CCA I left the door slightly open.... no interior light was on when left car...... battery went flat over night????? Clock and interior light on when went to start but not enough to kick over engine. Jump started.... drive 20 minutes and parked 2hrs..... started and drove another 30 minutes. Parked in garage. New battery if I decide too? What brand and CCA recommend?
  4. Hi all, Mechanic says front right Shocker leaking and will need replacing in near future. 275k kms. Best to do both front at the same time? Best to replace with OEM VOLVO shockers? Mechanic also mentioned a rattle in car in neutral that is caused by the transmission rubber mounts being warn and need replacing???? Anyone expand on that?
  5. Hi all, Been running Michelin Pilot Sport 3, last two sets, getting 70-80k with 10k rotations. Now looking at PS4 as hard to get PS3. Standard 205/50/16 Volvo spoke rim. Comments? Anyone tried Cooper CS5 Ultra?
  6. Got one of mechanic from wreck for free!
  7. Hi all, Seems I have lost the left rubber nib that is at the front holding up bonnet. There is the round rubber on the outside left and right side and two rubber nibs in front of radiator that stop the bonnet hitting the frame. Anyone know the name or part number? Is it common to break or fall off?