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  1. So I finally got the After market centre cap stickers for $4 Did you take the plastic layer off the front of the sticker? The writing also protrudes the sticker, unlike the original Edit: I tried to align the logos so they were in the same position. After driving I note the centre hub cap logo is now not aligned with the rear logo, is that normal? Bloody scrapped front right rim in drive thru ahhhhhhh.
  2. Yeah but $10-$15 here and no not easy to find one that is decent in AU Getting them sent from Wish.Com $5 for 4 of them! Up to 50% off when sign up and use code: cggzcgnn
  3. So he got OEM spacer as aftermarket did not come with same and said he replaced bearing aswell, leaving aftermarket strut mount on? No sound anymore! Did a tyre rotation and now the right front centre wheel cap fallen off again after driving. Seems to happen only front right centre cap? Anyone get the sticker as they want $$$AU for new centre cap with sticker!
  4. So the left front side, when turning slowly, was making a noise..... Mechanic has replaced the left strut mount of the suspension with another aftermarket was only replace 1 and 1/2 years ago? Then says that the OEM is double the price but does not have the noise problem that has appeared? Anyone had this issue with aftermarket version strut mount covers? Also how many kms between wheel alignments? I rotate ever 10K Kms Just went for a drive on flat road and swerving at under 10kmh had the noise still there..... Sounds horizontal source not vertical Planned rotation and wheel alignment but going to check with mechanic again before......