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  1. Thanks andyb5 for the recommendations! The Stoptech and Porterfield I am not able to hunt down in Europe. I will look some more for reviews and then shipping quotes. EBC is very mixed reviews, seems like older posts (pre 2016?) tend to have couple of negative references, but as well some good ones. Later are more positive, perhaps improved quality. For Ferodo I have now read a lot of positive comments, and couple of negative which have been mostly because being too dusty, but not performance wise. And seems to be working just fine for DD as well, found only one negative experience with first cold braking, next brake has been already without any issue. So overall I would go for the Ferodo. They are supposed to be made in Italy and not really on stock for the Volvo in my country - availability on inquiry. As Corona is big in Italy, it seems I will stick to the ATE for couple more months and come back to this later in the year.
  2. Hi all, does anyone has experience with brake pads for volvo v70 t5 MK1 that will be good for DD, but occasional hard usage? I am looking for front pads to cope with ATE rotors. Background: Have my volvo for many years now and driving ATE rotors and pads front and back. Have never been really happy with this but for daily driving and occasional hard pulls on empty roads they have held up and I did not experience serious fading or not enough brake performance to any given situation. Till yesterday that is. I never used the Volvo for AutoX purpose, but yesterday we have been building a new track and I volunteered to test it with a stock car. After couple of laps, all braking performance has been lost. No soft or squishy pedal, brake fluid changed 2 weeks ago. Pedal had the usual travel, just without braking the car. After just couple of minutes everything was fine again. My understatement is this behavior is due to pads that can´t deal with the excessive heat and most likely glazed. Although as said, for the daily usage the ATE are "fine", it has been a terrible feeling to experience no brake performance and having no control over the vehicle. I do not want to experience this again and looking for different front pads that would be working under normal conditions, but could handle hard usage as well, if experienced. Any suggestions what to go with? So far I have been proposed to go with: EBC yellowstuff (not sure if available in US) Ferodo DS2500 Thanks
  3. Before it really gets cold...dynoed it to have a comparison before/after - see signature. Put on winter tires, washed the summer ones before waxing and storing them away. Bye bye summer...
  4. I am wondering the same thing. Looks to be Hornbach in Romania...
  5. Do you mean the ONE guy thats not looking to the F40 but instead to the gtr?
  6. This has been maybe allready posted but i think its hillarious
  7. I think some interesting made video: