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  1. He supposedly also tried to remove the cam and chips and buyer had to ask for em. Sean also owed the guy $ so that was part of the deal. I bought his 245 about a year ago at night and asked if it had rust and he didn't say it did and I found a decent few patches next day in obvious view.
  2. I guess he put his cars on CL and a tbricker replied and bought it. I saw the one linked here got flagged and taken down. Good! He had a friend and grandma present to prevent ass beatage. I doubt a dollar of that $3k went to making things right around the Volvo community. The only reason I know this is because the guy who bought the car came to buy my 245 recently (and backed out) told me the story. I guess he's banned here for some reason. He said he asked Sean if the $ was going to go to people he owed and he said it would, surprise it doesn't look like it did.
  3. Hey I heard Sean sold his 244 for $3,000 not too long ago.
  4. Not serious. Joke. But if you see this cowboy, ask him for a 19T.
  5. Thanks volvospeed. If anybody from tbricks needs to contact me, I am on this site and I get emailed if I have any new PM's so feel free to PM me. I am doing business with a couple of you guys and we've lost contact due to tbricks being down.