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  1. I’ve made adjustments so the fan comes on at a slightly lower temp, I can’t remember which one I changed without checking.
  2. I’ve often wondered why there are so many fan settings.
  3. P2’s have PWM but P80’s just have a relay, High and Low
  4. On a x70 NA ecu, all you have to do to get boost control to work is remove one resistor and add 2 zero ohm resistors, I imagine it’s the same on a 960 ecu. I have a high res scan of a 960 ecu so will try and look at it later.
  5. I use a Willem to read the chips. I’ve got a stock 611 and 612 file also got a 611 Rica file
  6. It’s quite a learning curve. Before playing about with 4.4 I had only had experience with megasquirt. It takes a while to get to know what you are doing but it’s good fun. The Stock and Rica R tunes are nothing special at all. If you are worried, buy a spare ecu and use that to tune, that way you can always refit your stock ecu if you go wrong or are not happy. i would advise on fitting a bigger maf and bigger injectors to start with. Greens are a good starting point.
  7. Is anyone able to mod my bin to add a pressure sensor to one of the inputs so I could log Exhaust Back Pressure please? Ive asked Piet but had no reply
  8. Shem does I think Temin 0.14 Constant 0.6094 Dead Times 2.9640 2.6520 2.3595 2.0670 1.7745 1.4625 1.3455 1.2675 1.1700 1.1115 1.0530 0.9945 0.9360 0.9165 0.8970 0.8580
  9. Is there another maf you recommend? My 18T Maxed the 960 MAF so thought the BMW one was the answer. Thank you, Razorx said soldering the headers were a nightmare so I though access to the pins was the answer. Makes it so easy to do.
  10. Mine is down to the injectors. I’ve never setup the warmup tables 😬
  11. mines the same, it’s down to the injectors (750cc), it’s annoying but clears pretty quickly
  12. Just a little something Ive had made whist Im unable to do anything else. Based on Razorx's design from a few years ago
  13. It doesn’t make any difference if you fit them or not. I’ll help you via message to stop this thread being full of in needed posts
  14. Only 12 are needed, the other 3 are for a 6th coil which we don’t need
  15. I noticed the same a few years ago, ive still been using the 540 maf though. Personally I think it would be impossible to get the exact calibration without the maf being tested with some sort of air flow testing equipment
  16. Hmmm, Sod paying that. Would rather get a new 4" housing to match my pipe work
  17. Thats the one Ive got already, This is it in the Wiki 3.25" BMW E39 1.94 1612 kg/h
  18. Just been looking at the Wiki, Any idea which MAF this is? 3.5" BMW 3,5,7 series 2.24 1850 kg/h Only Ones I can think of are the ME7 style ones
  19. I have a water damaged ECU that is scrap. If I ever get chance, I will strip it of its components.
  20. Removed the resistor circled in Blu and fit zero ohm resistors circled in red
  21. The NA ones need modifying ever so slightly, 2 Zero ohm resistors so the TCV works. There are other differences but seem to make no difference I made this list up https://1drv.ms/b/s!AoHpLXf9TkmGyi2d6ApFw0quT6hF
  22. Good evening Ive not been on for a while, there are Many reasons why. Health, money, motivation. Anyway, I am starting to recover now. Anyway, Have I missed anything new over the passed 12 months?