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  1. It’s quite a learning curve. Before playing about with 4.4 I had only had experience with megasquirt. It takes a while to get to know what you are doing but it’s good fun.

    The Stock and Rica R tunes are nothing special at all.

    If you are worried, buy a spare ecu and use that to tune, that way you can always refit your stock ecu if you go wrong or are not happy.

    i would advise on fitting a bigger maf and bigger injectors to start with. Greens are a good starting point.

  2. 1 hour ago, Tightmopedman9 said:

    Reduce your acceleration enrichment at low coolant temps, there is another accel enrichment table at 0xCFA4, same size and axes as the other tables. 

    Also, reduce the values in afterstart enrichment at 0xD8B4, single axis table, 16 values long. 

    It is impossible to get the 850 MAF to sit in the center of the 540i housing, it is off by more than .75". I stopped recommending this housing because it is a pain in the ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD to tune. 


    Avinit, I like the hole in your board so that you can solder the pins to the board in situ, very smart. 

    Is there another maf you recommend? My 18T Maxed the 960 MAF so thought the BMW one was the answer.

    Thank you, Razorx said soldering the headers were a nightmare so I though access to the pins was the answer. Makes it so easy to do.

  3. 2 hours ago, lowkeyturbo said:

    Dont use the 540i 3.25 ID maf. It reads wrong for some reason 1.94 was giving me only 950 KG/Hr on a k24 at like 19 PSI.I put in the S90 MAF with 1.34 and same tune... was making 1070 kg/hr which is exactly what it should be making. BMW 540i Maf does not seem to read right.

    I noticed the same a few years ago, ive still been using the 540 maf though. Personally I think it would be impossible to get the exact calibration without the maf being tested with some sort of air flow testing equipment 

  4. 14 hours ago, rkam said:

    My list is a filtered print of Bosch part numbers and description from Bosch Esitronic many years ago.

    I don't know what the difference between M4.4, M4.4.1 and M4.4.2 is. 

    Long time ago I started tracing lines on the circuit board, but never finished.
    It would be practical to have a scaled scanned clean circuit board with all components removed, but I don't have any already damaged to use for this.


    I have a water damaged ECU that is scrap. If I ever get chance, I will strip it of its components.