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  1. Sweeping generalizations ftl. I guess "calling it how I see it" means "abandoning reason and speaking out of ignorance/fear". Sorry, I have too many Muslim friends to put up with b.s. statements like this.. (And then you say "no offense". LOL.)
  2. Swede Racer lives!!!! I spent all day waxing/changing oil/flushing coolant/listening to all the Strokes albums. I think she is ready for the streets. Actually I know she is ready si nce I drove her to Stillwater. What a shithole. But for anyone who knows the plight of the Swede Racer this should make you happy - shje is ready for action. I've probably already missed the TX meet, but if not, my drunk ass will be there.
  3. I have to be at work in 6 hours.... this is going to be bad.
  4. your residence hall is called Isengard? ...so, like, is your RA a wizard?
  5. not my undergarments.. I think I just found the gogo thread like 3 days after everyone elese. like friggin sharks to blood, good lord
  6. Patrick is way drunk. notorious B.O.N.G. > me. did I just talk in third person? p.s. - I spanked my legal studies final. <--(cause for drunkeness prior to sundown)
  7. Many a moons ago? I'm older than you fool New pegs indeed..