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  1. Got this from Billy today. Works well and already reset the service lights on my three 98s (GLT I fixed not yet in my sig - too lazy to update ). http://www.fcpgroton...%281998-2001%29
  2. I lulz at one of the comments quoted below, thinking this loon must be from VS. "Someone is gonna use that same phone to find the water and poison it. - shrinktofit"
  3. Obviously negotiation been on the table for sometime now, but with Saab going, I think this is not a wise move now - all being equal, people actually look for alternative and being (the only) Swedish is a hell of a way to differentiate your car brand imo. That Ford have in fact bastardize the brand already since owning it is of course debatable.
  4. I wanted to do this with the kit from D s50r but wisely backed-out - I dropped pans b4 and unless there's a more compelling need like sticking lifter noise, I'm not too excited to do it again. I can't seem to find time doing other projects and this would have just added to my things to do on the shelf, lol. Otherwise, a very good mod for 98 and below cars, specially if the cooler lines start to leak and one has time.
  5. Missing the right bracket when delivered yesterday - but Frank (of EST) hooked me up and will send me a replacement. Now that I've seen the cf bar, can't wait!
  6. You mean the boot? You want his color, lmk, mine is still good., And there is this guy (Hank's bitch, este, friend) that does micro fiber in red or whatever color youi fancy. Holy h!+, that's Santana doing his shit now on my stereo....
  7. Hey guys, Here's my story, good and bad. I've bought parts from fcp Groton thru the years, on-line, thru egay, in their Groton store (I believe the gentleman I dealt with is Nick's uncle). I do get discounted parts from our local dealership but most of the time, online retailers provide good value - whether fcp or their competitors. I got straight answer when I was shopping for t-belt components late last year. (That's a hint for you noobs, lol, ASK question, or forever hold your peace if you receive parts you don't expect/want). When I saw an offer for a good t-belt componenents kit at egay, I asked what the brands are, and finding out that the tensioner is a no-name brand, I asked for oem AISIN. I got it for additonal amount and came out with a good deal still - INA rollers, Contitech t-belt and serp belt. My only gripe is that the tensioner roller I got has the issues that have been long been raised by Made in Japan - a minor inconvenience for me because I'm aware of it, but could have been a disater for a noobie. As it happened, I've replaced t-belt on P1 FWD (850/X70) twice already, so no biggie. Found the link, btw: http://volvospeed.com/vs_forum/index.php?showtopic=104436 Now I'm up for another PCV/T-belt/Radiator for my newly acquired T5M, can't wait for the discount for supporting member deal! I hope I can combine that with the on-line $10 discount I got for answering a survey the other day, lol. OrleeC
  8. Payment PM sent...but your inbox is full.

  9. Installed Euro-rails on our V70 from my parts car. Stole the clear corners from the same car and swapped it with the newer ones installed on my newly acquired 98 S70 T5M blk/blk :)
  10. cY2k

    Sent you a PM, hoping you'll see it... thanks.

  11. Rotated my tires on the 855 - my $80 investment on alignment paid off, the wear on my tires are very even after about 5k miles. I'm all praises to 215/45R17 Bridgestone RE92 (?) - the designed band/protection on the side protect my wheels from damage, I'm yet to f**up any wheel (knock on the wood, lol) even after hitting potholes in the Hartford, CT area. Usually, I have to have at least a pair repaired every season! Bad news, discovered a fubar tie-rod end, maybe two - it was getting dark just before I finished, so need to jack her up again just to assess the issue one of these days - hopefully the outers, easier to work on.
  12. It's inevitable... http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080814/ap_on_.../white_minority Star Trek...Jack & Jeri Ryan, swinging... Obama... rest is history.