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  1. I'd be proactive and do both. If you wait for feedback from your state, it could be awhile before you get any assistance from them. Just imagine how many internet fraud claims they probably get each day alone! Do you really think they are going to go after him for a $700 claim that initiated in another state? They need to see a pattern of same/similar claims in order to go after him for fraud. Even if California sits on it initially - after receiving a flood of claims across several states against the same person, it will more likely get their attention at some point
  2. You and everyone need to file a claim(s) in California, where source of the fraud occurred. California getting multiple claims about the same person will get more visibility and action than everyone filing in their respective states. Your state could review it as an individual claim of a small amount and tell you to resolve it civil court (i.e. small claims).
  3. While not be considered a theft crime in the legal definition, it is surely interstate fraud using the internet. Unless you are saying there is nothing legally criminal he has done and it is a civil issue. I find it hard to believe there is nothing criminal here, regardless of his initial intentions.
  4. Someone should post the same thing on VWVortex to get even more ammo. He obviously ripped people off over there too. I think they only briefly met him at the dyno event. Not sure anyone on this board is good friends with him.
  5. He lives in Orange County, so he wasn't using a shop in Northern California. There are several different turbo shops in the LA / Orange County area. For that matter, no knows if he was going directly to the rebuilder or through a local speed shop. I am still amazed no one actually insisted he inform who his rebuilder was before handing over any money or agreeing to a rebuild. At the end of the day, he is not a business and just playing middle-man - also those with rebuilds have no contact if there any problems with the turbo.
  6. I understand how the unemployment benefits work. They are partially funded by employers, as well as through income taxes. I am not sure how unemployment benefits work state-to-state, however in California it's based on if you were working going back a specific quarter depending on when you filed. There are many people who will work for short periods of time, then stop working and collect, and then cycle back through it. Regardless, the point in my comment was towards the irony in what Justin said. There is nothing wrong with using employment benefits as a transition between jobs in order
  7. So you mean similar to how others pay for those umemployment benefits you have (or had) been sponging for awhile.... while you have been making money under the table selling Volvo parts. :rolleyes:
  8. Same here. Just updated to IE 8 and no problems. What really sucks is I can't update my work PC, which is XP and IE 7, because IE 8 is not a tested browser. I am going to have to live with the format problems for that PC when on VS. With IE 8 I am still getting the Action failed quota error when I try voting on a post.
  9. I haven't upgraded yet on my home pc, and I can't on my work laptop. Never had the issues before the last site updates and it only happens on VS.
  10. Yep, just got it again 5 minutes ago when I came back to the site. Still getting the white space in every thread and the page also hung again as I was trying to open this thread. I cleared the cookies and temporary internet files several times now (no proxy on my home network) and the issues are still happening. I am glad to try anything else you might suggest, but it seems like server side issues.
  11. I am having the same problem. I have already cleared the temp files and cookies several times and I still get posts that pages of white space before getting to the next post, or the page will hang while loading. Also, anytime I try to leave positive or negative votes I get message saying I've reached my quota. This wasn't a problem prior to the last updates.
  12. Pharmaceuticals is big business and pure capitalism in its essence, the bottom line being the dollar. Costs for FDA approval (a whole corrupt process in its own right) has very little, if any, effect on the cost of pharmacueticals. Pharmaceutical companies charge what they do because: they create demand typically holding their own patents preventing their drugs being produced by anyone else, and simply, they can charge whatever they want and are not regulated by any healthcare standards. Healthcare is very much a capitalist industry. While many medical groups do focus on patient care, the