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  1. Girlfriend's '97 GLT finally threw "OK" on all of the monitors, after 4500 miles! Including the SAS monitor :-) What a great mod. Cleaner engine bay too.
  2. Noticed you said you got hub rings from Tire Rack for the new Enkeis. Are they plastic or aluminum? If plastic, they need to send you the aluminum "Stepped" hub rings so they actually fit over the 65.1 portion of the hub. The diameter closest to the rotor is smaller than 65.1 and the plastic rings will slap around, not doing anything.
  3. Just tried snagging a year of membership using the krampus, says the coupon is expired. Was it only a one week thing, or is it supposed to be for all Winter?
  4. I take it you'll be running AWD @ Carlisle then, so no dyno? (might have missed this in a prior post, if so my apologies...)
  5. Does new wiring have to be ran to the cabin for the auxiliary lights, or are there plugs behind the bumper cover somewhere? How "plug and play" is the aux light kit? Any pics of them on an x70? Someone should buy them if they're still available.
  6. Post pics! I'd love to see the handsfree kit. Found some pics of the antenna switch kit: How about the electric leveling headlights? Not an accessory I guess, just another market. Looks like the adjusters in our headlights get replaced by servos that are controlled by a switch in the cabin. Trying to get more info about these from some people in the UK, but it seems that even they don't know much about the system. I guess it must not fail much It'd be cool if the wiring could be removed from a UK harness and installed into a US harness. I'd love that feature for HID retrofitting.