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  1. face it, quality isn't there for what you pay for. And for the record, companies care less how much you spend on their product just that you give them more and more money. They should def. take care of you as you're a good customer, but of course they will just give you the run around. I have att and luckily (fingers crossed) everything has been ok service wise (and they offer a military discount ;o)
  2. you're wrong! There are some pics that do it justice. I think its gonna be hot, and something I would def. drive.
  3. actually you're wrong and "un-american" for attempting to abandon our military. Have we all forgotten 9/11 and what the terrorists did to our country? How many civilian lives were lost? I bet anyone in American wanted someone dead. Now pull out? Sounds hypocritical. And you talk about sub-par living conditions for the soldiers? Since i've had my dad and best friend describe conditions for me as they both are iraqi vets, the conditions are not so bad. Living quarters are a little crammed, but they certainly don't get washed with viruses. Just because the news reports it, does not make it t
  4. Just remember, be proud of who you are. Do we have a "White history month?" Hell no. DO blacks have a "black history month?" Hell yes. They also have BET, FUBU, and a slew of other black power bs. How come this is allowed? They are the ones starting the biggotry and "racism." I gurantee if we had a white entertainment television or FUWBU for us whites by us whites, we would all be hated and considered "racist." This is a total crock. If anything, black folk have more rights than we do, and thats a fact. Its only a matter of time until we are the minority and they are the ones really pi
  5. For starters, if we switch the current situation around and have 6 white kids have this happen to, nothing would be talked about. According to the media, if any crime whatsoever happens to a black person, its a "Hate Crime." If this happens to a white, its simply a "crime." Tell me, isn't any act that does damage to another individual based off some kind of hate? In sense this makes anything hateful or cruel, a "Hate Crime." Any of you willing to dispute this, I tell you to go spend the night in East St. Louis and see if you can survive. Hell, maybe you will experience the true meaning
  6. That's why GM owners are so upset that after their wonderful 100k miles expires, there tranny and other things go right along with it. Read some of the reviews online about Saab and how not so wonderful they are. Face it, they are built like they used to be. Gm has eletrical problems, especially with oldmobile. Hell, I had a 98 blazer back in my teenage years and after my tranny went at 50k, everything else did along with horrible rattles from the plastic inside. If you like they so much, go try your luck with them. At this point i'd rather have a ford.
  7. Don't forget that GM's are known for their eletrical failures. I will never own a GM product.
  8. Well, you have in wrong in every way about saab. I just got another s60 because the 9-3 vector and aero models are junk. I talked to some saab owners on this board, chambs T5-R, looked up ratings online, and people's reviews, and they all said the same thing-Electrical problems, and poor quality material. A majority of folk had to keep bringing their car in because in the cold their car's electrical system would all of a sudden fail. I forgot to mention that the interior of the saab is cheap plastic, and rattles to say the least. Sure, the aero has tons of stuff stock that my s60 2.5T doe
  9. Anyone know since we are on the topic of OEM rims, if the new rims off the new c70 are 5x108 and will fit my 05 s60?
  10. The magic 8 ball was shook, and it reads "Get your windows tinted."
  11. Irish players have cooth, and don't act like thugs on the field. Their coach is simply amazing.....They have a standup, great program, and they have gold in their helmets-what's not to love? SO many other teams seem to play dirty, cause fights, and act like punks..Should be off the field, not on it. Just some good clean football is all I ask for.
  12. I'm an Irish fan at heart, but always have a little room for the dogs. I used to live in Brunswick, GA, for a good chunk of my life....What part are you from? And I've always hated the Gators....Especially when Spurrier was coaching. He's a p r i c with ears. Just seems that every player on the gators is a gang banger, who has to make a huge deal over every play....soo with that said, go Irish......and a little for for the dawgs as well.
  13. The bumper on the v70...does it have the backup sensors in it? That's what it looks like.....j/w
  14. If you like it, go for it especially if you're going to get a good deal on them. If not, go with polished aluminum, almost as shiny as chrome and looks better. If you wanna rock it though, more power to you peeps are just jealous.
  15. Support Bush, or go move to France or Canada.