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  1. I got more than 20 replies. Email notification is working again. Thanks to our site admin :rolleyes:
  2. Site Admin should take a look at the reply email notification mechanism. It may be broken from yesterday..... Ching-Ho Cheng
  3. Starting from yesterday, I could not receive any email from VS forum when a member respond to my post. Does anyone have this issue ? Thanks, Ching-Ho Cheng
  4. My 855 is in Volvo garage now to replace the passenger tranny seal with 160k miles in the odometer. I asked them to replace both sides, just in case. Ching-Ho Cheng
  5. I just replaced the coolant expansion tank in about 30 minutes. I did not flush the system, just drain and fill using about 1 gallon of coolant. It is a very easy task Ching-Ho Cheng
  6. If the last 6 digits of your car's VIN is smaller/less than 056851, then the cooling fan is dual speeds (p/n 9141249). If the last 6 digits of your car's VIN is higher than 056852, then the cooling fan is single speed (p/n 9141248). Since the last 6 digits of my car's VIN is greater/higher than 056852, so my car uses the single speed cooling fan. The price difference is about $100 and dual speed fan is cheaper than single speed fan ..... Ching-Ho Cheng
  7. Just got the cooling fan (Volvo brand) this afternoon and installed. The part was about $365. Dealer part department told me that there are 2 types of cooling fan - one type has 2 speeds and other has 1 speed. According to my car's VIN, the single speed fan is for my car. I will try to replace the coolant expansion tank on Thursday because tomorrow is very very hot (100 degree). Thanks, Ching-Ho Cheng
  8. Russ, I have not done the axle nut and the removal of half axle before so I am not confident to do so. I did the ball joint/control arm and strut/shock, engine mount, radiator replacement before. I don't know whether I can do it or not especially after reading many posts regarding to the difficulty of half axle removal from tranny. I will replace the cooling fan myself because I replaced radiator and starter before. So I have experience on this task. Thanks, Ching-Ho Cheng
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I will ask the garage to replace both sides. Ching-Ho Cheng
  10. Not the rubbin noise, sounds like bearings gone !! I looked at FCP Groton and the aftermarket fan is around $190. Not sure how much more from dealer. I will ask Volvo garage in Boston to replace the seals. Should I replace both sides or just the leaking side ? Thanks, Ching-Ho Cheng
  11. 2 days ago, I found a couple of oil drops on the driveway. I checked under the car and found out that "red/pink" tranny fluid was under the tranny case. Upon looking further, it looked like tranny fluid was leaked out from the area where the passenger side half axle into the tranny. Can the seal ring of the half axle be replaced to fix the fluid leak ? Another issue is with the cooling fan. It makes noise when running. Can it be lub. to reduce the noise or I have to get a new cooling fan ? My car is now over 160k miles and will be 11 years old in October. Any suggestion is appreciated. Ching-Ho Cheng