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  1. from here: ..straight outlet flange (96-97 850 R, T5 and GLT, 98 model S70 R, T5, And GLT).. Assuming the '98 C70 has same engine as the '98 S70? According to that link, the angled flange didn't show up until 99+ MYs.
  2. gdog

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Are you running WB mod and using an AEM WB O2 sensor? Then this thread may apply to you..
  3. What is "extensive wear" ? I just looked at my old td04 straight flange and it has about 0.1 mm (0.004") radial play which I think is about normal for the wastegate flapper. I'm no metallurgical expert but I'd guess the original bushing was just the hot side cast iron so an exhaust valve guide should be suitable replacement material. But I'd also guess the machine shop labor costs to do this would be as much or more than getting a new one from Kinugawa on ebay.
  4. gdog

    Simply T-5R, The Build Thread : A New Hope

    Congrats Matt!! Interested in reading your thesis in the near future when I get some time, and of course, always interested in your volvo related exploits!
  5. gdog

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Hmm, this is not making sense then. I still say something has got to be wired up differently then. Like what B6 is sensing maybe? B6 being a DI does limit the possibilities though. Very interesting.. You got low AC pressure from that? According to google it's current:
  6. gdog

    1998 S70 T5 Oil Leak

    If your car is typical then you likely have multiple oil leak sources.. Besides what others already mentioned, check the cam seals. Have you checked for excess crankcase pressure yet? I always start at the top and work my way down; remember oil obeys gravity. When I first bought my car, had to take it to the dealer for a recall. While there, they gave me a "free" estimate to fix the RMS that was leaking for about $2K. Told them, no thanks, and later I replaced the cam seals, pcv system, etc. and guess what; no more leaks.
  7. gdog

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    @Piet So you're saying by making 6AC6 and 6AC7 NO-OPs (00) you're ignoring the AC fault TMM9 mentioned in his post here which he seems to be inferring indicates low current draw by the compressor was being detected; yes? But how would/could it sense/detect compressor current draw unless the '97 GLT is wired up differently and/or has more ECU pins in play for the AC circuit that's been mentioned so far? Do you know if B6 is an AI (analog input) or DI (digital input)?
  8. gdog

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Kudos to you, as well as @Turboforslund, for continuing to dig into this! It would be nice to understand what the issue is, not just for you, but for others who have the '97 GLT too. That being said, and as I alluded to here, it seems to me there's likely an easier way to look at this. We know the A/C will work with the 607/608 bin in just about any M4.4 ECU for the '98 S/V70 T5 cars. And we know the A/C will work with the 607/608 bin in just about any M4.4 ECU for the '96 (and prior) 850 T5 cars, but w/Piet's A/C mod applied to the 607/608 bin. As you (and @erikv11) have discovered the '97 850 car does not fit either situation 1 or 2 above. Since above is true (countless people have used this w/success) there must be something different about the way the A/C is wired up on the '97 850, or at least, on some of them. What I'm suggesting is instead of trying to find ECU/bin solution, you just need to figure what exactly is different in the ECC/AC circuit for your '97 GLT. Piet laid it out for you quite well in this post. Basically, from the ECU's perspective, there are three pins in play here. B6: this appears to only be used to sense pwr is being applied to the A/C solenoid (to engage the clutch). +12v on this pin tells the ECU that the A/C is ON. My guess is it's used by ECU logic just for verification; i.e. I've commanded the AC ON, check that it is indeed ON. I would expect this pin to be 0v when the A/C is not being commanded ON as well. B25: as Piet said, this is the thing that's different between the M4.3 and M4.4 system. It's used to command the A/C ON from the ECC. But on M4.3 cars this will be a +12v signal; this is a ground signal on the M4.4 cars. B40: In both M4.3 and M4.4 cars this simply supplies a ground to the A/C relay to allow the A/C ON command to come through. ECU logic may take this ground away (disabling the A/C) at WOT, or if it discovers a fault in the system. What I'm suggesting is wiring up some pig-tails to those 3 pins to monitor what is happening when you turn the A/C on. That should tell you: is my car behaving like an M4.3, or M4.4 car? or something between the two? I could not find any wiring diagrams that show the '97 GLT A/C circuits, but they must be different. You may need to trace down some of these wires to figure it out. Best of luck and let us know what you find.
  9. Thanks for your input. Yeah, I'm thinking the solenoids are likely getting sticky. Did you replace all four solenoids or just certain ones? Is this a good source for parts for trans parts? I didn't think the AW50-42LE had a filter, but they list one here: I've thought about a trans cooler, but for mostly city driving, doesn't it mainly just add oil capacity? And do you have any install pics by chance? Doesn't seem like much room in front of the rad/do88/acCondenser on this car. In fact after looking just now, noticed the condenser is touching the frame structure in a couple of spots; will have to adjust that..
  10. Thanks for replying. So I look at it again and.. crap-zilla, there it is?! I swear I"m getting dyslexic or something. Now that I found it, comm works fine, and no TCM codes. Was hoping I'd see something that would explain symptoms. Sometimes 1->2 shift is considerably delayed and a hard shift. From what I've read this could be trans starting to fail, or something simple. Was hoping a code might indicate something in the latter category. Fluid level is good and clean; less than a year since a full flush. Usually works fine cold, gets worse after it's warmed up. Maybe I'll take to a local trans shop for diagnosis.
  11. gdog

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Umm, we will need posts sir, or better yet, a build thread..
  12. That's what I'd like to know please. Been searching for awhile now and not seeing it. With vol-fcr I can access ABS module codes, and others too, but not TCM (trans control module). I'm assuming the ABS and TCM codes are separate? So I thought maybe I need to access it via the OBD2 connector like the ECC codes, but can't find any posts about how to do that. The car is 1996 MY so does not have any OBD1 connector under the hood in front of the ecu box like the '95 and earlier models; just the OBD2 in front of shifter. I can read ECC codes via this method:
  13. gdog

    Lack of performance '96 850R

    I'd suggest checking the compression and then look at logging data. You seem to believe timing is being pulled; you need to see what is actually happening. OBD2 data points are pretty slow, so you'll need to keep it in boost for a bit to get a good steady-state reading. The main thing that pulls timing is detonation; using low octane fuel by chance? Also your MBC setup may be messing things up too. Not sure why you think you need it?
  14. gdog

    Lack of performance '96 850R

    Uh no, it's not.. Sounds like you fixed your boost issue. Check compression?