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  1. Problem flashing M4.4 tune

    Why don't you post a screen shot of what you're seeing; might be helpful to understand where in the process it's getting stuck.
  2. Again, my post is all conjecture.. What were the actual codes?
  3. Did you check supply voltages (I'm assuming it was the supply voltage that was low?) at the coils? Speculating here, but if the coil got drew enough current to melt it and blow the supply fuse, then it possibly overheated the harness as well giving it a higher resistance than before the incident. The extra resistance would give you a voltage drop.
  4. M4.4 A/C Mod

    I'm no expert in this area but when I search your old ecu number ( 0261203852 ) it comes back as 2.3, not 4.3. From that I'm guessing your car's A/C is not wired the same as a 4.3 car? Does it run good otherwise with the flashed bin? e.g. You might want to ping Piet since he wrote the A/C Mod app. @Piet
  5. Problem flashing M4.4 tune

    Which bin you use won't give you that error. I only bench flash so can't help you with that setup. But when I flash mine, I have to get the ecu pwr supply up to at least 16.0 volts or I will see that err (or similar). You may be seeing up to 0.5 volts drop between the battery and the ecu; just a guess. Is the erase working, or do you see that err right away?
  6. M4.4 A/C Mod

    Why are you using p_part.bin? The standard is this one: See if that works. Is that 0261204609 your old ecu (4.3?) or new one (4.4?)? Not finding my look-up table right now.. UPDATE: OK 0261204609 looks to be M4.4. What was your stock ecu part number?
  7. Problem flashing M4.4 tune

    Don't know; not enough information here.. Sounds like you're flashing in the car; do you have a voltage booster hooked up to the ecu? You have ecu pin B8 wired up? Etc. And why are you using the p_part.bin?
  8. Upgading from a 2.3 to a 2.5

    You went through this process here? I would think that the injector tuning process is agnostic to engine displacement. If you've already done that and you still get that WB offset between requested and actual AFR, then I would ping Maarten about it.
  9. You have a 15G; not a 15T turbo on your 850R. The R ex manifold is a nice upgrade, but you'll see minimal gain unless you include other updates to help engine breathing (such RIP, bigger intercooler, 3" downpipe and freer flowing exhaust, etc). I would think headers is overkill for your project, since you're not upgrading the turbo beyond the td04. Headers for these cars are quite expensive. If you're going to start DIY M4.4 tuning, the first thing you need to do is get a wideband O2 sensor and get that hooked up and logging. That will tell you whether you're too lean/rich. You could install the WB with your new exhaust; just adding the exhaust won't change the tune much; fuel trim should be able to compensate.
  10. Tuned Volvo 850 Turbo Help

    I think you may be being a bit optimistic; I'd put the cams at min overlap (e.g. intake -4; ex +2) and ck the compression again.
  11. Upgading from a 2.3 to a 2.5

    Yeah, thought that might be the case. You need to get him to tweak the bin for the AEM WB. Start reading here:
  12. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    AFAIK the latest files are up there. If any are missing, pm me; I likely have copies. Why don't we just host them on dropbox or something?
  13. Upgading from a 2.3 to a 2.5

    You're running Maarten's WB mod, yes? Is this what you're complaining about, the offset between your VE map (requested AFR) and actual? Are you running an AEM WB sensor by chance?
  14. Tuned Volvo 850 Turbo Help

    What timing was off? Was a cam gear off by a tooth, or more? What's your compression now? The N/A cams have more overlap than the stock turbo cams. You want to run at least -4 degrees on the intake just to get back to "stock" HPT overlap. I'm running -4 intake and +2 to +4 on the exhaust. By running your settings you've got about 2 degrees more overlap than stock which you don't want. If you want to leave the intake at -6 then move the exhaust to 0 or even +2. Did Lucky actually tell you these settings? Or did you get this ard tune 2nd hand? What other mods do you have? Slapping a 20t on a stock exhaust and intercooler is not going to help engine breathing that much. Yeah, your stock maf housing will work, but it's not optimum.
  15. What size MAF housing are you using? The original MAF editor just multiplies the constants in your bin maf table by whatever multiplier constant you enter. I.e. the usual constants supplied (1.34, 1.94, 2.57) assume you're starting with a stock bin. If you've already modified the MAF table in your bin and you need to update it again (and you're going with one of the std sizes) I recommend you use the "Alternative Mafconverter" available here: direct link: I recently ran into this when I switched from S90 to 540i maf housing. To answer your question; no, if the maf conversion is done correctly, you should not have to mod other params for the maf update. And remember, use your stock maf sensor; you're only up-sizing the housing. BTW: I'm assuming we can all thank Piet for both of these apps?