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  1. Brake fluid flush every 3 years or so is recommended to prevent this. Basically moisture gets into the system and spawns rust, which eventually causes seized calipers. At this point suspect you have something in the system that's rusted and it's not being replaced by just replacing the calipers. I.e. may be one or more of the brake lines, master cyl, other calipers, etc. Start with inspecting exterior of brake lines, looking for signs of rust.
  2. Aaron would be the source of truth obviously, but here are some posts about my experience w/volfcr and M4.4 self-tuning:
  3. Can't tell if that's the right cable or not. I always look for some reference to Triumph motorcycles, like this: But assuming you do have the right cable, you need to make sure you have hooked up all the ecu power and ground wires, and no loose connections. Just hooking up one or two of them isn't going to do it. Use similar gauge wire that's in the car too.
  4. Wait, what? VS was down?! Who did the re-solder? I've had to do mine multiple times now. You've got to clean off ALL the old solder first, or it will just break again (ask me how I know.. ). Look at the solder joints with a magnifier; you'll see the cracks if you look carefully. Or @Matty Moo could take care of you too:
  5. gdog

    How Your Car Sits

    That bites big bananas!! Seeing Marlon cry makes me sad too..
  6. Not common AFAIK. What's entailed in "flashed ECUs"? Do you have anyone's mods incorporated?
  7. Good stuff! You could add instructions on how to use these channels here and on the wiki too. Yeah, a bit sad, but it's up to the rest of us to keep it going, as best we can..
  8. Interesting? I generally agree there may be ambiguous info at places in this thread (as it is wide open after all) but the standard channels that have been known to work for some time are the tank pressure and the rear O2 sensor inputs. The thing about the latter is to NOT use the rear O2 reference (ground) pin of A19 since this will cause an offset; use A18 or other known good ground reference pin instead. Has someone said the accelerometer input works for logging? Don't recall hearing about it. Not too surprised if there's some signal conditioning circuitry in there for that channel.
  9. Thanks for the reminder; every once in awhile I actually think about getting back into it (on part-time basis). It's more fun as a hobby than a business I suppose..
  10. Seems a zener would be a more appropriate solution, no? Thinking two zener diodes back to back (maybe a resistor in between) across the VR sensor leads?
  11. Awesome results! Wasn't sure what you meant by "synch loss" but then found this link: Now I see. Good shielding on the VR sensor?