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  1. Installed the new hot side today. Tuning starts anew. All I can say is epic fail; my guess is it's been melting down for some time..
  2. Make sure to use quality seats for the repair; there's lot of junk out there. Recommend the IPD HD seats or I believe the XC90 seats also work? You'll have to get a front end alignment after the job.
  3. Sorry, don't do FB. Sounds like you changed the oil since this started? Did you filter it through a cloth when draining to catch any metallic debris? Oil filter too? If you're sure noise is coming from the cam area then it probably is a lifter. Try a clean oil change with 10-30w oil with about a quart (or a bit more) of it consisting of MM oil. If that doesn't free up the lifter, nothing will.
  4. Use a mechanics stethoscope to pinpoint where the noise is coming from. First isolate between top or bottom ends, then try to identify which cylinder, etc. Even cheap $10 ones work quite well: A long screwdriver can work in a pinch, but (of course) be very careful when prodding a running engine. Stay away from the serpentine belt!
  5. Also make sure you are running TP in Administrator mode.
  6. Well looks like I had multiple issues here, but the primary one is what @ChristiaanW200 mentioned; got the downpipe off today for a look-see and holy-sh*t!! The hot side suffered a melt-down that looks like something from Chernobyl!!? The poppett valve looks OK but about a 1/3 of its seat is missing! Couldn't get enough of a look to take pictures but turbine wheel appears OK. Will get a better look once I get the hot side off, but need to get another housing first. Are kinugawa parts decent? This one was new about 5 years ago.
  7. Is your issue only at idle? Not sure if it's related but did those guys re-cal your WB mod bin for your AEM WB sensor? I.e. this issue:
  8. Update: pressure checked the intercooler and thankfully it was good. Did find a significant leak around the bottom intercooler hose, but a new clamp resolved that issue. Tested it to about 25 psi and held pressure after that. But that still didn't fix the boost issue. Even tightened the WGA one turn to make sure it's hard up against the closed stop position. Wanted to do one more test before pulling the downpipe; check the cat convertor. It's aftermarket and it has about 40K miles on it; from what I've read these only have a 25K mile warranty. Tested pressure upstream and downstr
  9. That's really cool (or hot?)!! Xray vision Batman!
  10. Yes I did check the WGA adjustment while I was in there and it is adjusted properly for the ard WGA. Is a burned waste gate or turbine housing likely? The hot side is a kinugawa 17cm angled bought new probably about 5 years ago. Next time I go for a drive I will pull the turbo hose off and clamp it, but I'd be willing to bet it's not going to make a difference. Plan is to pressure test the intercooler this week some time, and if that's good, will look further. Inspecting the turbine and waste gate will require turbo removal which is a bit more work..
  11. Good question. But ard TCV appears to be working correctly; tested in driveway with jumpers: no pwr applied to tcv: open between port 3 (compressor housing) and port 2 (WGA). This allows boost pressure to be applied to WGA (PWM modulated by TCV) 12v pwr applied to tcv: closed between port 3 and port 2 And even took a test drive w/compressor housing vac hose (green hose in this diagram) clamped shut; no difference in boost levels.
  12. Bummer; new CBV is installed, but boost pressure is no better. It appears the CBV can was over-tightened, hence it deformed so it would not hold vacuum. But vacuum only assists opening it at over-boost conditions so should have figured that wasn't the issue. Looked around and didn't notice any torn or damaged hoses. Will have to do a more thorough inspection once I have long term access to a work-area or garage. Have a sinking feeling there's a hole in the intercooler; oil seems to be accumulating on lower passenger side of engine bay where there really aren't any oil lines. If that'
  13. Maybe I missed it, but what cop coils are those? Ign1A maybe? And for compression checks, get yourself a remote starter switch; you'll love it.
  14. Congrats; nice looking V70R! and welcome to VS! Hard to tell from your pic; are those two pieces of hose in your photo the same hose? If so, it's just the TCV vent hose. That's the blue hose in diagram below: Might want to find the TCV to verify it's hooked up correctly. Personally I'd put the stock airbox back on; it flows plenty unless you're going for crazy mods, and it's CAI. Plans for the car (after stage0)?
  15. Pretty ingenious way to test CBV! With that, and after staring at the one on my bench for awhile, I see that it indeed should hold vacuum. The can on my bench turbo was warped a bit; straightened it out and now it seals (and holds vacuum). New one from IPD on order. I think I used the blue spring last time; will go with red spring this time!