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  1. gdog

    Simply T-5R, The Build Thread : A New Hope

    Awesome results! Wasn't sure what you meant by "synch loss" but then found this link: Now I see. Good shielding on the VR sensor?
  2. gdog

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    @black855r I'm assuming you're going for AFR readout for petrol fuel. So looks like the 30-0300 AEM gauge has the same transfer function as mine, which is AFR = 2.375 * volts + 7.3125 // note the output units here are AFR, except for the 2nd term (2.375) which, if you think about it, is in AFR/volts (AFR per volts) units. As my old algebra teacher used to emphasize, it's very important to understand what your units are in an equation. So we need to figure out how to convert that 2.375 term above into something the ecu understands, since we're hooking up the output voltage from the AFR sensor to an A/D (analog to digital) convertor in the ecu (aka the tank sensor gauge input) which we happen know is an 8bit convertor so it has a numeric output range of 0-255 bits. Then to convert the AFR/volts term to AFR/bit, we need to multiply it by a term in units of volts/bit. That term is 5v/256bits, which is the voltage span of the A/D divided by the bit output span (i.e. 2^8 = 256). ==> 2.375 AFR/volts * 5volts/256bits = 0.0464 in units of AFR/bit (rounded to 3 significant digits). AFR = 0.0464 * x (in bits) + 7.3125
  3. gdog

    Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Help us help you. You'll need the analog output conversion table for this gauge which will be in the instruction manual. What's the AEM part number? Various manuals can be found here:
  4. Yeah, I looked at log briefly, but want to study it some more.. If you're going to stay with your current stock turbo, I'm thinking whites should work for you. But if you plan to upgrade the turbo a bit (to maybe 18t or 19t) then I'd go with greens. The stock reds work for stock power levels, but once you try to pull just a little more, they literally run out of gas. And if you're planning to run significant percentage of ethanol, you're going to have to up-size again..
  5. Wait, what??!! It's more than weird, it's the friggin apocalypse!!
  6. gdog

    850 driver's window auto down relays

    Yeah, seen your SS thread; nice work going on. Will see what I can do. That may take awhile. Picked up two so far, but some how those made their way into my vehicles. Front passenger side auto-down is pretty sweet..
  7. Can't access your attachments. Don't bother using VS server for attachments; it doesn't work. Use dropbox or other similar service. Get a free account; fairly easy. Seems your injector calibration is close enough (but could be better), which means you need more injector size since your duty cycle is exceeding 90% at only 6.7 ms of load. What's your AFR at this point? Assume you're logging AFR? Unless it's very rich (and therefore needs leaning out), you likely need more injector. Keep in mind it could be rich due to knock enrichment; see if that's being activated. But shouldn't be if, as you say, the e85 quenched the knock. Do you know what size your stock injectors are? i don't know off hand. Yes, disable diag for both of these.
  8. gdog

    1997 Volvo C70 T5 manual

    @Vasitas Nice first post on VS! Add methanol to your intercooler H2O sprayer and you'll make significantly more power than with water alone (assuming you tune for it). But be careful!! I'd say you've already used up a few of your nine lives..
  9. Is your engine bone stock? As in stock LPT injectors too? At min, you'll need to calibrate your injectors, because if that 91% duty cycle is real, you need to upsize them. You don't want to run more than about 80-85% DC max. Start with that..
  10. Somehow I ended up with one of these; don't need it, so free to new home if you can use it. See pic here: Either local pickup or I may even be able to deliver if in PDX area. Otherwise, if you pay shipping, it's yours.
  11. Nothing gets rid of knock like ethanol/alcohol/methanol/etc. Water/meth injection works quite well to get rid of knock too.
  12. gdog

    850 driver's window auto down relays

    Looks like has been down all day. VS is so funny; aka matts volvo site dot com. @JaredR1 So how many of these do you need/want? BTW, you inspired me; going to do this auto-down mod on my passenger window now.. Thnx!
  13. gdog

    850 driver's window auto down relays

    If you're referring to "K/1 Relay auto-down power window" in the schematic, it shows it in the center console near the window switches on the'96 850. Related link:
  14. gdog

    850 driver's window auto down relays

    How about remind us where these are and what they look like? I'm at the jy all the time..
  15. Don't need to use excel (or other spreadsheet app), just have two instances of Tunerpro open, load binA in one and binB in the other. Then you can copy/paste directly from/to the two TP dialogs. Interested in doing what you're doing at some point in the future, so please keep us posted with your progress.