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  1. 2002 S60. The ignition key was sticking and I was thinking, "I need to get a new ignition lock." Well, yesterday, it broke. I couldn't turn the key far enough to start the car but I could turn it far enough to unlock the wheel and shifter. It had stuck before so I turned the key back and forth about ten or fifteen times, trying to get it past the sticking point but no joy. So I rip the steering column apart and remove the ignition switch from the back of the lock so I can use a screwdriver to start the car. As I said earlier, the key would turn far enough to unlock the wheel and I figured that I could drive the car until I got the lock. Oh, oh, now the key won't turn far enough to unlock the steering wheel. Damn! Then I discover that the windows won't work. Hmmmm .. . check the fuses, they're fine. Disconnect the battery, wait a bit, reconnect the battery and everything works fine. Except that I have warning messages about the ABS and airbags. So this morning I think...."I can pull the lock off and drive the car." So I go to work on the car and discover that the windows won't work again. Hmmmmm . . . So what could be causing this window problem? When I first found that the key wouldn't turn, I must have turned the key ten or fifteen times trying to shake things loose so it would turn. That meant that I was turning the entire car on and off a bunch of times in quick succession. Other error messages indicate brake and ABS problems that weren't there before. Could I have screwed something up fiddling with the key as I did? Thanks.