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  1. About 8 months ago a very small oil leak started. That small leak slowly grew into what is now consuming 1 quart every 250/300 miles. The leak is on the driver side and the transfer case is covered but it also is kinda everywhere on the bottom of the components on that side. It’s bad enough that it is aresolizing while driving and the back gate has a micro film of oil and dirt. I’ll take the silver lining that there’s no exhaust smoke so the head gasket part should be ok. I’ve gone ahead and done the deed of getting that transfer case out expecting to see one of the turbo oil lines leaking away. No such luck. So I sprayed everything down with brake cleaner, wiped it down, and fired her up. After about an hour of intermittent revving and idling there really aren’t any oil trails to be seen. Normally just idling in the driveway for 5 minutes would leave a stain to be cleaned up. So everyone…any thoughts?? I’m wondering if you feel it could be the rear main given that the flywheel is exposed in that one spot. It also looks like there might be a fine film/bead along the bottom seam where the exhaust manifold and head meet but it its hard to tell. The PCV system is new and working. I also checked the rear cam seals and the exhaust side had a bit of oil in it but nothing like I’d expect to see given how big the leak is (replacing anyway). Any and all input will be helpful. Thanks