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  1. I'm done with this site. God forbid I don't know everything about Volvos.

  2. wagonfan

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    Black modded s60r. Loud as can be on Montauk Highway in Bellport. sweet looking car.
  3. wagonfan

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    Memorial day viewings. I was driving South bound on the nys thruway and spotted a black v70 awd. dark tints and roof spoiler at the new baltimore rest stop at around 6 pm because it was crowded for the dinner stoppers. also saw a xc 70 north bound with a roof spoiler around the exit for woodstock. both cars were very clean looking from what I could tell. the v70 awd had a pa plate.
  4. wagonfan

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    Silver S60 R Later model year. in a driveway in Medford NY. Clean fully stock and beautiful.
  5. wagonfan

    --Official Spotted Thread--

    Saw a Marroon 780 Turbo on craigslist in NYC. For anyone interested it looked sweet.
  6. wagonfan

    How Your Car Sits

    love the 240. Buddy of mine brought his old grey one to Carlisle last year. Was sad to see him sell it because it was a cool car.
  7. wagonfan

    Get Your Volvospeed.com Decals

    Are they still available?
  8. wagonfan

    How Your Car Sits

    Looking to get a set of turbo wheels from an older v70 t5. Can't quite spring for the bigger 18"s or 17s just yet
  9. wagonfan

    How Your Car Sits

    Completely bone-stock....what should I do?
  10. wagonfan

    Car Pics

    Random Pics of my Volvo experience