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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I'm soooo full. ;)
  2. I saw a correlation as well but just not with my family. Honestly i have a wierd family. :rolleyes:
  3. Man that even got to me and not much gets to me. the thing that pissed me off the most was the stereotypes. I was hoping the world was moving further away from those.
  4. Good article but my family is Republican and we own 4 Volvos. And really most of them are not known to be fast cars. 240turbo,740turbo,850 and v70 XC.
  5. Doug you think people would just skip out on the meet. :o
  6. Great time. Good to finally put the faces along with the typing. Traffic sucked coming back. Who would have thought people actually go places on a saturday. :blink:
  7. Im leaving now but its kinda nasty in oaktown.
  8. You know my goal is to have a RWD car that is good enough for car shows.
  9. Good to hear about the possibility of Greenchunks. And I know its not just about mods i love volvos and i know we all have that in common. :lol:
  10. Am i going to be the only RWD car and not to mention only unmodified car? Because i dont know how I feel about that. :(
  11. Wow and again it is me NEA o my fing god dear lord help me this is annoying. :angry:
  12. This is just a thought but i'm lookin for some cheap ipd sways for my 1990 740 sedan. I was thinking that maybe if you people want we can do a part exchange of some sort. Again....just a thought!
  13. Depends on the time of day. And speaking of the time of day, when, where and how do i get to this place? Lets get some details cause it would be really great to meet some of you very local volvo buffs.