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  1. Here's my latest purchase. Just got her today, 98 V70R AWD. I just need to get the m44 computer from my old 95 brick rewired for the 98. Best 4k I've spent yet.
  2. I think he was referring to the fact that you just posted 6 and a half screens worth of data that could have A:been screenshot, and B:been left off since the numbers obviously look right. If they look right, run them. Monitor everything closely and see if things get screwy. Things like that make it hard for others who wish to read and learn. It wasn't helpful to the thread and it took up a lot of room.
  3. I wasn't saying you wouldn't get it, it was just a general observation. The only data you can get from 4.3 is ignition angle, engine speed, and temperature I believe. You can only get that with MotronicSuite or a Volvo diagnostic tool. Any ECM from a my98 turbocharged car can be used. I haven't seen any hardware that doesn't work with a 607/608 binary yet. I personally have a 610 ECM running a 607 binary(automatic)right now.
  4. Hardly anybody under the age of 30 recognizes that sequence, anymore.
  5. He doesn't need an LPT file though. The stock maps in the 607/608 binaries are for strictly the base T5 cars. It's a "222hp" factory map. Find MotronicSuite and it comes with stock binaries for a number of cars. Look at the factory ECM and write down the part number, which should be something like 0261204xxx. Then look in the binary folder for MS for the file named with that part number. That will have factory R maps to start with. You will have to copy the R maps over to the 607/608 .BIN in TunerPro but it's not a major ordeal and it gives you a factory base to start with instead of starting with the regular T5 tune. If you need some help, PM me and I can send you a file from my copy of MotronicSuite. Just give me the ECM part number from your factory one.
  6. That's odd because I have checked the light without mine running by sending lowercase "o". It sends back Ro and doesn't reply anymore after that until a drive cycle is completed. I have had issues with the ECM maintaining map selection from igniition on-start-on. It will remember the map until I actually start the car. Then it reverts to map 0(MIL on constant). I tried a basic 607 with just the fuel constant and dead times changed, to no avail. However, OBDII functionality works just fine with the car not running.
  7. I, as well as a few others on here, run the DR3Z9F593A Ford injectors, which are made by Bosch, that are from a 2014 Shelby GT500. They flow up to 627cc at 3Bar fuel pressure. They're fairly linear and tune really easily, given that the car has had a Stage "0". I may have a set up for sale soon, I blew my engine for a second time, another bearing gone due to oil starvation. I can't afford to keep fixing it, so I'm shelving my addiction for the time being.
  8. I laughed at "monkeyed" in the quote. That clutch would have shredded the input shaft bearings to hell and back. It would make the car a hell of a good massage chair, though.
  9. Chances are, you won't need any larger injectors until you upgrade the turbo. I was only able to max the injectors out by running with no wastegate to redline on the HPT 15g turbo. NA cams will help a lot as long as you advance the exhaust and retard the intake by a few degrees. The duration is longer so you have to separate the cams by something like 4 degrees total to get the same overlap. Retard the intake by 4, advance the exhaust by 4, or split the difference to maintain around base cam overlap.
  10. Exactly! I'll post up my outfit once I get it cleaned up and tidy. I haven't had time, since I started tech school. I spend most of it either at school or working to pay for school. Now, I'm in between engines, too. I'll hopefully have a ton more power, after bumping the compression by nearly two points, to even out my disappointment. As a note to Tmm9, I found the subroutine that accesses pin P2.5 on the intercooler using the DAMOS for the post-cat preheater diagnostics, at 0xC917. I don't have a very strong understanding of coding, in general, so I'm having a hard time chasing this down.
  11. China cables will not work with TP. Tried it. The CH430 shipset they use is garbage and is nothing more than an ADC circuit. No logic whatsoever. Use this one and you'll have no trouble at all. This is the one I use and it is a, 100% verified, FTDI product. I bought a Chinabay cable the first time and it didn't work.
  12. That is exactly what I did(minus the tidy part, not finished yet) with my setup. I have an OBDII socket wired directly to an ECM connector and a power supply for a car. I have two computers, the factory, and the tuned, so I can run the car on one while flashing the other. I have 630cc DR3Z GT500 injectors and I'm running E85 but I can still use the factory ECM to idle the car while the laptop does it's thing.
  13. Get an imgur or something along those lines to post photos on then use the attachment button to link the url. That's the little picture button below the smiley in the reply window on the page. If you're on mobile then you may not be able to post images. Not too sure as I don't use it often. So you have BOTH checksum plugins? That's odd. It shouldn't have any trouble.
  14. I'm running 7 as are many on here, I'm sure. You didn't answer me, though. Do you have every file listed in that screenshot?