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  1. Haha.... I'm kidding. Hope things are well with you Pal.
  2. I've alwayed enjoyed watching ships sink.
  3. TEh LOLZ....
  4. wait, there's a thread called off-topic, in off topic? w.t.f
  5. lol. You could have taken some home dumbass. I had some for lunch.
  6. Thanks for bringing over that Tecate last night, It's coming in real handy right now.
  7. damn, I hate it when that happens.
  8. no, i have too many of those as it is that don't run. got any E55 AMG headers laying around, Stainless if possible. or some C63 Wheels?
  9. Gotta pay your tab first son. :P
  10. haha, done and done.