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  1. Haha.... I'm kidding. Hope things are well with you Pal.
  2. wait, there's a thread called off-topic, in off topic? w.t.f
  3. lol. You could have taken some home dumbass. I had some for lunch.
  4. Thanks for bringing over that Tecate last night, It's coming in real handy right now.
  5. no, i have too many of those as it is that don't run. got any E55 AMG headers laying around, Stainless if possible. or some C63 Wheels?
  6. It's a beautiful thing. I mean, who really wants to ship R seats, R door panels, etc... that shit gets old. I just call people up and have a garage sale whenever I want!
  7. Val! Remember when we were drunk in Columbus and we made your brother stop by Taco Bell at like 2 in the morning to get food? gooood times!
  8. haha, my car came with the EST grille on it.. man, it's so cheesdick, I couldn't get rid of it fast enough... Normally EST's shit is great.. but I'm not feelin their grille...
  9. not bad, but hey mike, someone stuck a fisher price grill on your R man!
  10. yes, we're testing out the new auction feature.
  11. feel the love! note: my sig pic, in all it's glory will rise again, albeit at the recommended size.