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  1. ^^^

    This is the reason the NWC sells so few parts on the boards, they always offer it to each other for less, then to everyone else. Cars sold/crashed are just reassimilated back into the NWC. You guys suck haha

    It's a beautiful thing.

    I mean, who really wants to ship R seats, R door panels, etc... that shit gets old.

    I just call people up and have a garage sale whenever I want!

  2. Whoever started this signature thing, you're a real douchebag. I think it's interesting that while some people (namely, regular members) have had their sigs resized, others *cough* Kevin *cough* still have 633x282 pix images. And that's the only one I've noticed, I'm sure there are more.

    live by the sword, die by the sword...