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  1. I need a bellhousing for my standard conversion. The one I currently have is broken at the slave cylinder.
  2. If it helps anyone in the future mine is from passenger to driver side yellow w/black orange w/black blue w/black grey w/black and yellow w/red all started and running the no start was from throttle body sticking cleaned it up and it started . Unfortunately we drove it yesterday and it started leaking I believe from the front of the exhaust cam not sure why yet .
  3. I finally put my C70 head back on and it wont start . Im pretty sure its the coil pack wires being plugged in the wrong order I swapped some around and it turns over better now and even ran a bit. Does anyone know what plug goes to which coil pack mine are three wire all have red and black the third wire colors are yellow black stripe , orange black stripe , blue black stripe , yellow red stripe and gray with black stripe . Thank you Anthony
  4. 1999 Ducati 750ss 8500 miles. have to find a way to make the pic smaller
  5. Volvo C70 LPT
  6. antman

    Volvo XC V70

    Volvo XC V70
  7. Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon
  8. antman

    Volvo XC70

    Volvo XC70
  9. Volvo 850 Turbo Wagon