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  1. I saw the silver S60R in my neighborhood again. Maybe whoever it is lives here. Also I saw a lowered and blacked out 850 sedan. I'm not sure what trim level but it was in a neighborhood I'm looking to buy a house. I've just got to remember to get pics of some of these. Apparently the Volvo dealer here in Savannah is an Evolve retailer. I'm hoping to stop by at lunch and see what's up.
  2. Silver stock S60R in my neighborhood. I'm just waiting for you to come out so I can say hello.
  3. Its not "today" but rather Saturday. I repaired the moonroof on my wife's s60. The mount for the air deflector also serves as a guide to get the roof into "vent" position had come unglued. It caused the roof to make a horrible grinding and crunching noise. It also prevented the roof from retracting fully. It took a hell of a lot of work to even figure out how the thing went back together but after a little JB weld the peice is back in there now its only a matter of how long. Why the hell would such an important part simply be glued into place? Today I attempted to put a '99 abs module into my '98 v70. That did not work at all. Back to the drawing board.
  4. There's a guy in a modded 05 or 06 s60R I think it's black but might be a dark grey. He's got pegs and mufflers obviously lowered with ipd and other bumper stickers on the back. The exhaust is loud but not louder than the turbo. I'm thinking its someone who works at the dealer because I've seen him near there twice. I met you at the stop light at Montgomery XRD and Abercorn in Savannah a couple months ago and I saw you this evening around six at the shopping center with panera homegoods office max and all those. If youre even on VS who are you? We should meet.
  5. Today was day three of the intercooler hose swap saga and I suppose I got a little ambitious. I had hoped to finish the hot side today on lunch and I managed fairly well without a jack until I went to replace the hotside intercooler inlet hose. Damn. It turns out you were right. That one is going to be a blast. Fortunately I have finished three of five and I've saved the really easy one for last... I hope.
  6. I just did the turbo outlet tube with silicone. This one took a lot longer than the tb hose. The kit came with t-bolt clamps but I'm opting not to use them right there due to lack of space. It's a really tight fit around the heat shield and they require a deep socket 10mm the only one I have is half inch drive so there's really no room to work. Sadly none that have been done are visible in the engine bay. Anyway two down three to go and my LTFT is a fraction of a percent lean.
  7. I started my Mishimoto silicone intercooler hose swap on the V70. I'm doing it on my lunch breaks so only one hose at a time due to the half hour time constraint. Today I did the one at the TB inlet. The original was soft as warm butter and had open mesh webbing on the bottom (major boost leak). In my mind this was the hardest one to do as I've had the most difficult time with this hose in the past. Hopefully the other ones will go as easily.