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  1. H&r Spacer Group Buy

    Another option: We maintain a stock of Wheel Spacer kits as well.
  2. Over 120 cars were there last year. 90% of the Volvo's that show up there are not from VS - something to keep in mind.
  3. What time are most people arriving?
  4. You mean early-dinner? This is an all day event.
  5. I will be there without a doubt.
  6. At Cooler Install

    That's not the correct PN that Volvo publishes for the S80 transmission cooler
  7. 850r Sedan Rear Trunk Wing

    Wing has been sold guys. Got a good offer and wanted to help out a fellow VS'er.
  8. 850r Sedan Rear Trunk Wing

    Hi Everyone, I have for sale an 850R Sedan rear trunk wing in very good condition. Minor scuffs and scratches, but the paint is in otherwise good condition and does not have oxidation unlike some other R wings I've seen. Includes the third brake light, attachment clips, and wiring harness. It should also fit 1998-2000 S70 models, as well as all 1993-1997 850 sedans. Price: I am accepting offers for this wing. Highest bidder by SATURDAY, July 9 can have it! Check/money orders only, NO Paypal payments will be accepted. Email or PM me your offers, starting bid at $250. Shipping: Shipping within the continental US should be about $25 or so.
  9. Will America Go Into Iran?

    IMO, we will eventually go into Iran. IMO, we went into Iraq to establish a strong presence in Iran's backyard. We now have 150,000+ soldiers and lots of hardware within striking power. The Pentagon didn't have that "luxury" before OIF started. Don't forget who's interests are paramount in that region, and who controls US foreign policies...
  10. I'm curious what her religious background is...
  11. Thanks Grant... In case anyone has doubts about the amount of cash in the ME... They are building a whole new CITY on the Red Sea. Projected to cost over $21BILLION USD, almost entirely subsidized internally by Saudi investments.
  12. Cartoons Of Mohammed Issue

    Actually, there was at least 1 documented murder as a result of the Mohammed cartoons in Turkey:
  13. Here's my take on it. DUBAI is a wealthy CITY, but United Arab Emirates is an even wealthier COUNTRY. With regards to the sale of 'our' ports, they weren't really ours in the first place. They have been owned by a British company for many years. How is the UAE purchasing the ports any more of a 'national security threat' than the British company? Finally, the Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection Agency will continue handling ALL imports/exports from these ports. In my opinion, the US economy relies heavily on the investments of US securities and assets by wealthy middle east individuals. There are many princes/shieks throughout the middle east who are major shareholders for many well known US corporations. For example, a majorly publicized event was when a Saudi prince purchased 1 BILLION dollars of stocks (paid in cash) in AOL, Chase, and Priceline, back in 2002. I think he owns about 5% of Chase...
  14. 30 Day Hid Sale

    I hope you're kidding about the 850 having better lights than the S60.... From an S60R with bi-xenon lights Left: Low beam Right: Low+high beam