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  1. 850drag

    Project Pras

    Man Pras I am sorry to hear you had so much trouble, once again another unhappy customer or messed up parts from vms..... man I wonder how many screw ups it will take before they go under.
  2. 850drag

    Throttle Body?

    Its really easy to make up a straight runner intake manifold. I am still in the process of making mine. Just take a 960 intake runner and cut off the extra intake port and then weld on your seperate runner tubes that join to the main runner. Really easy and straight foward. Will bolt up directly with no problems also.
  3. 850drag

    10% From Vms

    What are you looking for???? vms can help you out with almost anything.
  4. 850drag

    10% From Vms

    LETS HOPe people take advantage of this ;)
  5. 850drag

    Would You Pay?

    probably, sounds really good. ;)
  6. 850drag

    Politically Correct

    yeah true it drives me nuts too, but yes we are in America, not everyone does the X-mas thing, I celebrate both x-mas and Hanukkah
  7. 850drag

    It's Over

    very sad , we had the worst vote turnout , year 2000 more 18-25 year olds voted than today 2004, that is pathedic.