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  1. perhaps this dude slipped in & wreaked unmentionable havoc?
  2. Coilovers are already making a lot of noise, screaming "wind us down!"
  3. "that far" i like it... & there's a mikey's a few nips from me so consider the population of 601 s70s w/ yellow highs increased by 1
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but those wheels could be covered in fecal matter and I'd still dig em
  5. took the sawzall to the trunk the other day, a bit drafty in the rear but the weight savings is incredible. and it's closer to the ground than stock but certainly not low enough (yet) :ph34r:
  6. horrific iphone shot of the red pile
  7. small bit of burning paper floating in the rain :lol: :lol:
  8. so has anyone else here drastically altered your driving habits? a week ago I started some "hypermiling" lots of coasting with the clutch in, and I also turn the engine off whenever there is a clear downhill stretch of road ahead of me. My commute to campus each day is about 6 miles, and for approximately 2 of those 6 miles I am able to coast with the car turned OFF. I don't know any mpg #'s since my odo gear is broken, but my tank is still much more full after an average week's worth of driving than I can remember from past weeks. I'm ordering a new odo gear now and once I get it insta
  9. they're in there, but you need to be wearing no less than 8 pairs of 3-d glasses in a series spaced 1-8 inches apart in order to see 'em
  10. totally missed this one. sent mine in anyway, but due to lateness and lack of permission i'm sure it's worthless. i'll throw it in off-topic for sheets and gigs anyway