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  1. There's not too many forums who have such global attendance. I particularly enjoy seeing what the Euro Guys are up to. VS continues to make up a large percentage of my internet usage, has provided much entertainment, and saved me heaps of cash in easy repairs and mods. The Internet duschbaggery is unfortunate, but I can happily say it's far less prevalent here, than on most other forums. Props to the mods for that. I've been a VS member for 4+ years, and in that time made some friends, built a strong car, spent a fortune, and lost countless hours being entertained by the good peeps of this forum. I only wish the chat-room was a little more active.
  2. Volvo Go Go, you really have a stunning figure. Good work, and keep it up. (no pun intended...)
  3. I haven't been getting mail notification of threads since this roll-back started. Dunno if it's just me, or if it's part of the upgrades.
  4. I just spent a bit of money... Just the sales pic. I get to move in about a month. I'll take some real pics of it with my stuff!
  5. Why should income factor the percentage of tax paid!? And i clearly stipulated that both drivers gained the SAME benefit for driving on the road. It was teh SAME road, SAME distance. The beer story too, doesn't leave the wealthy guy with 4 beers to himself, NO, he, like everyone else in the story, only had 1. The SAME benefit. Why should someone who works his ass off in his own company and earns $20 pay 50% of that to the govt, when a bone-idle emoloyee on minimum wage and an incomplete timesheet who earns $10 not have to pay any of it for tax? (and don't bother quoting me on those figures, as they were just examples...)
  6. mmm, the point is being missed. Maybe we should drop it down a notch? 2 cars are driving on a highway, the same highway. Both cars weigh the same, use the same fuel etc. One car has leather seats, the other has cloth seats. So at the toll booth, the guy with leather seats is expected to pay $30 to drive on the road, and the guy with cloth seats $5. To drive the same distance, on the SAME road. That's what the tax system is doing to wealthy people. Now the guy with leather seats, decides, 'stuff this for a bad idea, i'm not driving on this road anymore, i'd rather drive on the roads in another country where they charge per number of wheels'. The $5 doesn't go far enough to maintain the road for the guy with cloth seats to drive on it anymore, so the whole system falls flat. A little extreme, but for the sake of simplifying it even more than beer ...
  7. It's those who most need the explaination that will never understand it ... :(
  8. Hehe, I have to laugh at American politics. I guess I don't comprehend it. Here, government take my tax money ... that's about it.
  9. Ah, media/publicity. Its all an act. Belive me, i make the stuff.
  10. Believe me, you do NOT want to see porn in HD. Sometimes, lack of detail is a blessing.
  11. Haha, I just spent it all. I won a bid for a contract to shoot a 7 month season of football, so I had to tart up the gear list a little.
  12. Fantastic Offer guys! I'm not going to PM just yet. Will look for a candidate this week.
  13. not being familiar with US litigation, what is a punitive damage? THey've paid for cleanup, and 'compensation', which i assume is loss of income to people in the affected areas over the time period. $3billion. It's still alot of money. Personally, as an outside, i think it's too easy for lawyers to tackle big bussiness in the '1st world' as an easy way to generate income. The tanker spilt oil, yeah, it's bad, yeah, they've been punished, and paid out for it. Just because they have money, and someone who was affected by thier mistake thinks they want some of it, doesn't make it right that they have a claim to it. Trigger happy lawyers are bad for business.
  14. QUOTE (matt b @ May 29 2008, 04:46 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>LOL at the comment about Adam at Justin's house! No problem with gay marriage, some peeps on here alreay know my sister is gay and has a live-in GF. Why should she not have the same rights as the rest of us. Is she hot? j/k. It's always been funny for me how lesbians (gay women) are more socially acceptable than gay men.