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  1. no, volvo repair shop. and no, like i said. i had my down pipe made by a local exhaust shop. we service, and repair volvos. we do not offer any performance goods, just oe parts. and again look at sig, i like ipd, i bought thier ecu and sport exhaust. why are u worried about a 500 dollar down pipe, they have been offerd for less.
  2. down pipe 750-900. either way u have down time waiting on ecu.
  3. turbo 1000 ( pssh ill give u that ) turbo back exhaust 500 ( custom ) ecu 300 to 400 ( other ) all installed but turbo and still have u by about 700, regardless what u think.
  4. I completly agree. Not trying to down IPD. But the us dollar hasn't change no where near that much. Yes most people on hear are going to search the yards and find the cheapest deal. For the guy who wants to call one place and buy all new parts, then yes its not to that bad of a deal.
  5. No I have a 16 bay garage. which is the largest independent volvo repair shop in the us. Again IPD is a great company, they can be alittle high on their prices. like u said 900 for a down pipe and 700 on ecu. Iv had mine for a while, probably b4 most others hit the market. Did not pay no where near that price. So why are they now 900.
  6. Your local dealer, probably for 750 to 800.
  7. Don't get me wrong ipd brings great products. look at my sig. But for a turbo, ecu, exhaust, 3k, come on. The only R and D is the ecu.
  8. I bet IPD is making a 100% profit. They don't sell unless they do.
  9. oil cap leak is the seal being old, dry and brittle. the little elbow connector at the inlet hose that is torn might give u a check engine light.
  10. yes the oil cap seal wil let oil gush out if it is old and brittle, but definetly check the pcv system.
  11. I use bg44k injection cleaner atleast every 30k. great products from these guys. its what i use in our shop.
  12. never took one apart had to return for core.
  13. empressive, i do work at the largest independant volvo repair shop in the us. so i do see alot of volvos. we have a hand full of v70r's. nice cars! but we have a but load of awd v70's all around. we have replaced a few angle gears and more drive shafts. glad to hear u haven't had these problems. agian nice numbers. Danny
  14. They are weak. iv seen and replaced plenty, from just every day driving, no mods. i belive 6/32 seconds difference in tire wear will throw the angle gear off. thats why in 04 the haldax (spelling) system got put in.
  15. not intimidating, just dumb. u may just want to push a button to make somthing happen but do u think about all the control units and relays, wiring and etc, that it will take to make it happen. all of those can cause problems and are very costly. never said all s80 are bad, most that i have seen, which is many, in 99-00 have caused great headaches, some have not had a problem, without saying volvo thinks so to. why did they start putting the 5cyl. in them, maybe because there have been so many problems.