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  1. I think God has better aim. Poor people might not be his ideal target. ;)
  2. How do we arrive at labeling U.S. citizens as terrorists without Due Process? I am over this. StickThatClutch is the only member that has anyting intelligent to post in this thread. C-Ya. :)
  3. Let Due Process decide if "Americans" are terrorists, not George W. ;)
  4. Why does everything have to be such an extreme with you Charles?
  5. Complete ignorance! The law can apply to you as well as any other U.S. citizen.
  6. Chuck are you serious. "Don't be a terrorist!" The government under Bush can label you an enemy combatant(terrorist), detain you indefinitely and not even have to prove you have any ties to terrorism. Chuck the argument is not whether or not you are a terrorist, it is that the government has removed our constitutional right for due process.
  7. So you guys are comfortable with detaining U.S. citizens indefinitely without due process. Do you understand due process?
  8. An American citizen can be held IDEFINITELY without due process. I hope you guys grasp this. Civil Liberties Lost!
  9. Sorry, My Buzz was killed in the PM section. :angry:
  10. Happy 4th of July! I am a few cocktails into the holiday. I'll continue this later, time to get the cooler packed and get to the pool. ;)
  11. I don't remember mentioning any names? ;)
  12. Over 1000 posts a month? I would consider that person mentally ill :D