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  1. Ding ding ding A few years back I was going to buy a house up above the Poconos in PA. House needed some work but it was huge on a 15 acre plot and was listed for 42K.
  2. Quoted for pure seks I would never make it out of the garage if that was mine, I'd constantly have to turn around for a fresh pair of underwear after making love stains.
  3. I would imagine if the firing order was wrong and the car actually ran it would definitely set off an O2 code. I would imagine raw fuel would be getting dumped into the exhaust, which O2 sensors tend to pick up on.
  4. Could I just meet up with you and save the dollar for a bag of chips. :lol:
  5. '93 N/A cams, shifter, cables and brake/clutch pedals. Would have grabbed the trans and flywheel too but that was the reason my friends dad was scrapping it. And a brand newish K&N for a stock airbox. All for a grand total of $20 woot woot So its time to start checking local yards for some M56's
  6. And because of that it will look better than anything you could find in a store, and still be around in 100+ years. :tup:
  7. Went WOT with the boost turned up for the first time since the motor went back in the car. And embarrassed a healthy sounding fox body mustang. I missed my baby :lol:
  8. Planning on giving annoying neighbors new windows overnight? :ph34r:
  9. Drove to work, everything seems good. There is a small oil leak I need to find its either the feed our return at the turbo. Got an estimate for the fender that got wacked on sat. 1452.10 called the guy that hit me, he needs to consult his wife to see if they're going to cut me a check or report it and let the ins. handle it. Feels awesome to drive my baby again though. :D
  10. I prefer bottles but I do get the urge for cans every once in awhile. ;)
  11. Buttoned everything up after the motor rebuild. Took it 4 blocks to my moms house to grab my shit out of her car that I've been using, parked, started walking to the house then heard a crunch. Turned around to see a Neon's rear bumper buried into my fender...... FML Guy is a neighbor that's lived on the same street as my parents for years but never met. Getting an estimate on mon then deciding whether or not to report it dependant on price. Either way its just getting a fender off my parts car.
  12. Started it up and let it run checking for any leaks, all is good. Just need to button up a few things and get her inspected now. Lifters ticking from being dry for the first couple minutes of running made me :lol:
  13. Not done today, not even this week actually, but...... Its all back together finally, but I started a new job a few weeks ago and I'm working 16hr shifts 6 days a week so its been kinda tough to get to my garage to drop it back in. Already told the boss man I need this weekend off, so after I wake up sometime saturday afternoon I plan on getting it back on the road for monday. (fingers crossed)
  14. Just become friendly with the shop owner where you get your inspections. (no homo ) I haven't had an issue with my OBX system in PA, my car is a 96 so as long as my CEL isn't on they don't even bother looking under the car.