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  1. This thread is AWESOME!!!!! You can argue all day from either side of the discussion and still make valid and legitimate points on either side of the fence. ALL drugs (alcohol included) effect each person differently no matter what the substance. That is why doctor's are not batting 1000% in patient treatment and sometimes drugs work miracles for some infected people while the same drug might as well be a placebo for another patient. It boils down to this "different strokes for different folks" But just to make a generalized statement to add fuel, I thought more of us "Volvo driving hippies" would be pro- herb. I know plenty of people who wouldn't smoke pot if they got paid for it, and I know plenty of people that would have serious anxiety, and muscle tension/ pain if they didn't have their MJ prescription (thank you California hippies in office).
  2. Great idea Chuck! Sweet way to get around ebay fees for us VS folks!!! Thanks big man. Just listed a lightly used PNP switch! Buy it, buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Emailed, and 5 minutes later back to normal. Thanks a lot Charles. You are the man. :D
  4. Wow, this is sweet, I just saw this thread <------Out of the VS loop
  5. Ding ding ding. If light does mean anything you won't go above 6k. I heard somewhere that OE bulbs in cars equipped with Xenon's don't go over 4300? That doesn't seem likely though otherwise BMW's and Audi's wouldn't have a slight blue or purple from different angles out of the projector.
  6. Will get right on that, of VS and on to the library. See you guys a few Master's degrees down the road.
  7. What do you think America was like before all of the Illegal immigrants came in to this country. White Americans still doing blue collar work. This country would still be FINE without the illegals. Our state's taxes and state funded businesses wouldn't be going bankrupt due to illegal's theft and abuse of American rights (and hard earned freedom and prosperity). The Mexican's where I live (check the sig) stand on the corner for work and then refuse it when they don't get $8.00 / hour and lunch bought for them as well. I really despise the fact that they come to this country and then manipulate our people, customs, ethics, and our system and CAN'T respect our country while they're at it. In short: ship them out. I know at one time my ancestors were immigrants too, but they didn't sneak over the border and use/ disrespect our country; they came through Ellis Island...and appreciated the country they moved into.
  8. Immigration Foriegn policy Pros/ Cons gov't provided health care Bush's idea to open up the border's Disclaimer: I have no problem or opposition to people wanting to come to America, if I lived in any other country (other than Sweden Switzerland, or Italy or Greece, and on and on sorry I couldn't help myself) I too would want to come to U.S. But if you live in southern california like I do then you know how bad it is getting. The emergency rooms are becoming bankrupt and closing down because of all the people using them like a doctor's office then never paying when the bill comes. It took me over 3 hours to get into the emergency room last August after getting in a fight and getting my ear split open. ( I got jumped by 2 black guys after sticking up for a friend of mine in a wheelchair after they hit him) I was very stupid that day, waaaayyyy to much to drink and nothing to eat, but on a brighter note in hindsight I learned A LOT that day.