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  1. Your car keeps getting more insane every time I pop in on the site. I just love looking at your hood.
  2. Damn I been away for a minute and this happened and ended I would be so in.
  3. Spotted a yellow t5-r lowered on some black and polished lip 5star wheels, in Covington,Ga in the Walmart parking lot on Brown Bridge Rd.
  4. Che' thanks a lot you helped out big time, did you merge my two names(posts) together?
  5. Today I spotted a white s70 lowered on some 18" pegs i Marietta,Ga Spotted a blue v70 on some black pegs in Chattanooga,TN Silver s60r with factory body kit female driver in Cleveland,TN
  6. they wondered if he got alzeimer not them . I was hoping for a garage with a lift and all the do dads
  7. c70dude87 you need a picture like Fearless to show off your assets, Fearless like those wheels on her she looking right.
  8. Matchbox22

    Eriks 850

    Erik your car is amazing, just choose a wheel none of the volvo guys done before so you can stand out against the sea of Peg,Vol,Tit, you get the idea?
  9. white 850r on rt154 going south in Palmetto Ga. Fri.4/15 around 6pm
  10. the only way to straighten out this country is for the people to rise up and take to the streets and remove every last one of them bloodsuckers. Remove term life from the Supreme court judges,politicians only should have no more than two turns then get the heck out. How come he Pres. only can have two terms but congressmen get to be there forever as long they're voted back in. Why not a receipt for my vote, instead they tell you Joe Blow won but no one can prove who voted for him. This crack house is getting to be the have and the have nots, each President is just a puppet and his job is the put in laws or amend them for future crimes against their our people. Please find me a politician who have a son or daughter fighting in one of the two wars or the 600million bomb party? So where did they get that money from?