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  1. As long as China keeps buying US Govt debt we'll all be ok :o
  2. I contacted FCP and they said they have very few issues with these (they are Hamburg Technic - made in Germany). Anyway, they said they would be covered under warranty because they were just under the 1-year mark. I'm upgrading to the Volvo branded end link they started offering recently and applying the warranty amount to the price. They were great about it.
  3. The joint seems intact but rotates too easily and the rubber boot around it is definitely all torn up. It didn't appear to move in and out. I was having the struts/spring seats replaced so the nut was removed from the top of the end link during the process...that's when I noticed the torn rubber boot and the excess play in the joint compared to the other side.
  4. Is it risky to make a 16 hour roadtrip (roundtrip) with a worn end link?
  5. Yes...go with the Volvo units from FCP. My $15 link lasted less than a year.
  6. Bought the Hamburg Technic sway bar end link from FCP last summer and installed it in August 2005. Looked at it on Friday when installing new struts and the rubber on the end link is torn and there is a lot of play (compared to the other side and when new). Anyone else have a problem with the Hamburg Technic sway bar end links from FCP? They were not offering the Volvo version at the time (which they now do) so I bought the HT. How much of a problem is it to drive the car like this until I can order the part and get it installed (have a loooong trip coming up next weekend)? Thx
  7. This is worse than execution (and cheaper as others have said)...which is what he wanted...martyrdom. Now he won't get that. How do you punish a suicide bomber? Give them a life sentence! Even with 23 hours isolation he will get "abused" because it is behind closed doors (very thick ones) and underground. Also, the only TV they get is psycho programming (anger mgmt), children's shows (bet the pedos love that) and religious shows (all Christian based of course!). He will go INSANE in there...good riddance.