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  1. Night dweller in large-ish datacenter.
  2. I'll just leave this here.. Video from local car show this past weekend
  3. PCV service and trans fluid "flush." Keep popping off different vacuum hoses :angry:
  4. New fuel filter.. still having hard starts. Lame Also pulled the POS prosport boost gauge. f/s soon
  5. It makes sense to me It's just hard staying on task right now
  6. Holy fuck.. I am too drunk to write this paper. Should I power through it to finish it because I'm still up, or go to sleep, hoping the restorative sleep with boost my productivity?
  7. The one in there is only 2 years old. Also, its not the heat, its the fans; i should say
  8. Tried to figure out why the f my heat isn't working
  9. Thought I would take advantage of the double digit temps here to finally get to that alternator swap. I'm hoping she'll start nicer now that she's getting more than 14v when running
  10. Agreed. I'm not very interested in new Volvos, and it'll take a good while before anything really changes from the consumer's point of view