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  1. Winner!

    People here bitch about Volvo Corp. as much as t-bricks bitch about anything FWD. Even if BMW bought Volvo, most here would still never buy a new one.

    The cars won't be made in China because the factories aren't going to be magically teleported to China from Europe. If production does move, it will take years.

    Agreed. I'm not very interested in new Volvos, and it'll take a good while before anything really changes from the consumer's point of view

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  2. yea the price change authorization gave me some pretttty sweet deals

    Hope you don't get busted! :lol:

    There were some guys at a store by us that priced down a $6k ticket to $600!

    There was also a girl at a different store by us that sold $99 PS3 to about 5 of her friends. She thought she would be slick if she just quit and severed all communication with the store. Too bad she forgot about her mom as an emergency contact! :lol: The store director chatted with her mom and gave her a chance to return all the PS3s or face prosecution.

    Not sure if our store has yet to be audited, or ours just wasn't as off as those ones, but nothing happened to anyone.

  3. Are you gonna tell us when the real good deals start rollin in?

    There will hardly be any good deals for the average person. I bought a bunch of stuff that might not have been rung up correctly, and some friends of managers got hooked up. This was before the liquidators took away everyone's reprice codes.