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    Old Corvettes / Muscle Cars-currently driving/restoring a 70 Corvette convertible 350 4spd<br /><br />Off-roading-'89 Chevy C/K 1500 Short-bed pickup.Mods completed so far- 3" lift / 33'" BFG All-Terrains / cat-back dual exhaust.Mods to come- body work and fresh paint / 71" vette motor transplant / lots more goodies <br /><br />PWC-97 Sea Doo GTX<br /><br />Dirt Bikes-sold my 99 Yamaha 350 Warrior.Have not replaced it yet

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  1. I had considered that as well, but the new production year usually starts around September with tooling/production of the current model year winding down early in the second quarter of the fiscal year. Either way the numbers were less than 25% of 2001, so I guess tho beloved by us, the current S60 was a little long in the tooth for the public. It's funny because the new ones were by far the best looking and the best performing. Kind of demonstrates wear the average Joe's head is at. My personal biggest hope is they give the new S60 a more useable back seat!! It's the only reason I never bought one.
  2. Wow...production numbers were all over the map! From 108k to 6k. Diidn't realize the S60 numbers had fallen off that hard.
  3. I used "our" in the literal sense since we're both dwellers in the US. But today's government ain't no friend of mine. Where I come from you don't usually send a guy to do a job and then string him up for doing it. ;)
  4. Good stuff. Ya gotta love our government...or lack thereof.
  5. Agreed to a degree. Many religious leaders have a corrupt agenda, even if it didn't start out that way. Pass that blasphemous agenda on to devout misguided followers......and you have a problem. The so-called Muslims you speak of are a perfect example of just how faith can be twisted to suit the needs of a vengeful body of peope. I personally know true Muslims that are peace loving people that just want to worship and wouldn't kill a flea. Obviously we don't all have to agree about faith or the lack thereof, but IMO killing in the name of religion is just plain wrong.
  6. I guess it's true that some people will even polish a turd. I hear they get so focused on beautifying the crap they can even dillude themselves into actually thinking it smells good. :huh:
  7. MUWAHAHAHAHA! Sweet. Without some serious political reform to get big business's special interest group's and lobbyist's cocks out of the politician's numerous willing orifices......things will not and cannot change. Government is corrupt to a degree by nature, as is any powerful organization, but when it becomes as greedy, narrow-minded, fat and lazy as it has is today it becomes totally ineffective with regards to successfully operating as it was originally intended. The checks and balances have failed and so will we as a country eventually without purposeful change. The writing is on the wall and we're almost out of "Grafitti Be Gone!!
  8. Are our other non-Volvo cars permitted. Like....let's say a '70 Vette ragtop??
  9. +100. Besides...they're "not walking away from performance".....they're "simply deleting the moniker". Imagine how much they'll save in production/tooling costs not having to manufacture a little plastic-chrome R.
  10. "not a in circles....rednecks".It's good to read diverse,concise,well-formed opinions about a given topic. You guys should really try and expand your thought process.As it is,most of you just sound as stupid as you try and make Nascar out to be.
  11. Agreed.Alot of politics in this one tho with Toyota being a fledgling operation in Cup.You can se the obvious dilemna but what a statement it would have made. :blink:
  12. No offense,but this is a slanted rant about a sport that is generally unpopular in the VS majority,and mostly what I see is a bunch of bandwagon jumpers.You guys can go round and round with your "Nascar is ruining the world" rhetoric....but the bottom line is wherever you find rules you find some people trying to find a way around those rules.To try and attach that to only Nascar in the racing world or in the sports/entertainment world as a whole is total bupkiss. If you don't like Nascar that's fine by me.Just be honest enough to just say it and not try to shluff it on on some BS excuse.But I think I speak for most everyone when I say that noone likes to see cheating anywhere.
  13. B)--> QUOTE(Plan B @ Dec 28 2006, 03:31 PM) ←You do know that you are supposed to enter a space after a ., right?Thanks G. Corrections are welcome.