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  1. Sold it to my brother and I bought the GTI. ...he totalled it a month later. I wanted performance so I bought a GTI.
  2. Thanks, guys! Don't worry, I still have the S70. Nothing new other than the color but I'll be working on her again soon. Khris, the guy I got it from, actually initiated the trade. It's a 1970 with about 65k miles. No rust on the floor pans or heater channels and really no rust on the car other than some small areas of surface rust. Overall, I'm really happy with the trade. Now I just need to get some low / wheels! John, I wish. I didn't want the regular crappy Florida plate. You're not able to get vanity lettering on these antique plates.
  3. Traded the Ruck for a Beetle. Now time for more low. Oh, and HELLO EVERYONE <3
  4. I'll use #hastags wherever I want, brah. Also, I don't care if you care or not about what I post. I've still got the S70 in the garage so fuggoffffff. Not this year. Needed a change. I plan to bring the S70 back out next year, though It's been there for weeks. I should probably wash it!
  5. #sowoprep Bagz: Golf R Tail lights: Downpipe: Wheelzz: Exhaustzzz: Tintzzzzz: Still need to get the wheels powdercoated and some more go-fast parts installed. Should be an interesting few weeks.
  6. Please do! PM me whenever you find out. YAY I'M LOVED! True that. I'll look around. Need to get my LOW and FAST taken care of first, though lol
  7. The 14's only come with the projectors in the "Drivers Addition". Mine is the Wolfsburg so it didn't come with them. The halogen's aren't that bad but I will be upgrading eventually I'm sure. The car is super peppy and I averaged 29.3 mpg this morning on the way into work. That's awesome! I didn't feel like waiting until June for the Mk7 AND I think I like the styling more on the MK6. Also, YES I did get a manual
  8. Sold the T5R to my brother over the weekend and picked up this 2014 GTI. Sure, it's not a Volvo...but it's one hell of a good daily for my needs. Looking forward to getting a little more power out of it soon
  9. Things for this. Part of the reason why BlueKor has been ignored.
  10. Girlfriend trying on my new Bell / Biltwell combo
  11. You're doing it right. Nice work.
  12. Actually my Dad bought it, but I DID drive my Mom's white one around for a bit before I got mine. Either way, all the people being "scooter haters" drive Volvos so I rest my case. Keep enjoying your grandma car while I enjoy two grandma cars and my girly scooter.
  13. lol that's okay. I didn't buy it for any of you guys.