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  1. A few days ago the keyless entry stopped working. It isn't a battery issue and I can hear the remote when I press the buttons on it. My other fob isn't working anymore, so this is the only one I have. I tried to see if it just lost programming, but trying to pair it again didn't work. Any ideas on what to check?
  2. I had a broken wire on the harness to the TPS. It would mostly hold together, but would randomly have idle issues among other problems. It took me 6 months to track it down. The break was right at the plug, so I bought a new plug and spliced it into the harness. No codes on it either.
  3. Lucky? If so I wouldn't run that tune.
  4. Not located in San Francisco it wouldn't be.
  5. CJ Yother. As far as I know he has never done any tunes to sell, only tuning his own car with Turbo Tuner. I don't think its him.
  6. It ships from San Francisco. I don't know anyone there actually tuning. I have a set of spacers for you that I have been holding for 13 years now. Do they actually belong to you?
  7. Replaced the broken sway bar mount, oil change and mounted the all season tires for the winter.
  8. Well, the 3 pin you can get from Standard Motor Products, S745. They should have the 2 pin setup as well but I don't have a part number as I haven't needed it.
  9. Removed a broken front anti-sway bar poly mount. Apparently I have put a bit of force on it. I am surprised it lasted as long as it has. It was the original 25mm IPD bar kit. I see they have some stronger mounts now, so time to replace the poly mounts as well. Time to drive the spider for a few days with the new transmission.
  10. 2 months ago I had a problem with the driver side seat belt that wouldn't extend. It would retract fine, but extending started to be a problem until it wouldn't work at all. From the start of the problem until total failure was only 3-4 days. I replaced the unit with one from a wrecking yard and everything seemed fine until last week when it started to do the exact same thing. I have no idea what is causing this. The belt isn't binding up, it is the ratchet mechanism that is the problem. I was going to take my original apart, but now I can't find it. I will be back to the wrecking yard this weekend to get another one. Anyone else have this issue?
  11. That would require Che', and he is rarely around.
  12. Sorry, I can't help you. My mod level isn't high enough.
  13. I got an engine for my 850 from Gundies in Bellingham. I believe there was a 30 day warranty on the engine as well. I used it for 2 years without issue. Call around to see what is available and if they have been tested, mileage, any warranty, etc.
  14. Replaced the driver seat belt so I can drive the car again. $500 new, $23 wrecking yard. Luckily I found a few in the yard. First one I pulled did the same thing mine does, not unwind, but the second one works fine. Then I installed a short shift in the spider.