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  1. 2 months ago I had a problem with the driver side seat belt that wouldn't extend. It would retract fine, but extending started to be a problem until it wouldn't work at all. From the start of the problem until total failure was only 3-4 days. I replaced the unit with one from a wrecking yard and everything seemed fine until last week when it started to do the exact same thing. I have no idea what is causing this. The belt isn't binding up, it is the ratchet mechanism that is the problem. I was going to take my original apart, but now I can't find it. I will be back to the wrecking yard this weekend to get another one. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. That would require Che', and he is rarely around.
  3. Sorry, I can't help you. My mod level isn't high enough.
  4. I got an engine for my 850 from Gundies in Bellingham. I believe there was a 30 day warranty on the engine as well. I used it for 2 years without issue. Call around to see what is available and if they have been tested, mileage, any warranty, etc.
  5. You would get better than $100 on trade-in.
  6. Replaced the driver seat belt so I can drive the car again. $500 new, $23 wrecking yard. Luckily I found a few in the yard. First one I pulled did the same thing mine does, not unwind, but the second one works fine. Then I installed a short shift in the spider.
  7. The thumbs up is his standard photo pose. He only cares about how people see him; he doesn't give a shit about who he is with.
  8. Replaced a coil and finally back on the road again. The radiator issue has been a month long issue, but hopefully it is all fixed now. The spider has been happy to be back on the road.
  9. I never had the flashing arrow, even with tracking the car. Still replaced it with the M56.
  10. The tire was shot. I have used that quote a lot, and it is true for me, and not just about the car. Main reason I never gamble.
  11. Another f'ing flat. The tire is probably shot on this one. I need a new job.
  12. My one before that sheared off the upper hose connection. It looked like it had been cut off. This one would have been a great geyser if the hood had been open.
  13. Installed this Because of this The do88 radiator is bigger than the stock one which I thought was great, until I started to reinstall my intercooler piping. The radiator is about 10mm thicker, with everything extending 10mm closer to the engine. My 3" pipe for the intercooler no longer fits, so I have to come up with a solution for that. I still had the old piping I got from Josh with the engine. It works, but it is a restriction. Car is back on the road again.
  14. F'ing towed it again! Cracked end tank on the radiator.
  15. You have as much chance of getting Volvo to produce a car with the 5-cylinder as you do getting one with a manual gearbox.