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  1. Snabb is just one person, but I have never had an issue with him. I have ordered a few items from him in the past.
  2. You probably can, but you would lose the speedometer.
  3. I want someone to beat Trump too. Then I want to make sure he isn't reelected.
  4. Bought a new brake line, cut it, swapped on the old fittings as the ones that came with the line are too big. Bent it into shape and flared the end. Bleed the brakes and it works great.
  5. I doubt it is vacuum, or you would have issues at all temp ranges. You could just spray some brake cleaner around the lines to see if the RPM changes. I am thinking you may have a bad coil. I had a similar issue that it wouldn't idle very well, but above 2000 RPM it seemed to run fine. Once warm, try disconnecting a coil and starting the engine. If that coil is good, it should run even worse. If it runs the same, you found the bad coil.
  6. About time someone other than me is posting here. I pulled the damaged hard brake line off. I have to find a replacement now. I do that with my spider, except I am actually buying stuff and installing it. I put a new transmission in it a few months ago and over the past week I installed an upgraded cooling system. I finished it just in time for the Volvo to break.
  7. Just parked in the garage. Left rear caliper was leaking bad on the way home. No time to dig into it tonight. I hope the line isn't damaged.
  8. Only started the Volvo today. Work closed because of snow. Installed a new aluminum radiator into the spider, along with new hoses, thermostat, cooling fan and a few temp sensors.
  9. Had a flat fixed, fixed a grounding issue at the battery, swapped HID bulbs in the head lights.
  10. Replaced the MAF sensor. I was going lean on me at idle and part throttle.
  11. Replaced the broken sway bar mount, oil change and mounted the all season tires for the winter.