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  1. Zappo

    Window guide rail replacement

    I thought about that and also thought about taking photos. I still could since it isn't fixed yet.
  2. Zappo

    850 driver's window auto down relays

    They are attached to the underside of the center console. You will need to remove the console to access it. It is a small box that is connected to the window switch harness. The connector is square.
  3. Zappo

    Window guide rail replacement

    It wasn't that bad to install once I knew were it went. My bracket was also snapped off just like the write up. However, once installed it didn't fix the problem at all. I suspect I will have to replace the guide wheels, or possibly just adjust the front one. The rear one looked fine, but I didn't dig into it to see the front one.
  4. Zappo

    Window guide rail replacement

    That is strange, but the links work. However, I was able to find this one, This is exactly what I was looking for. I had pulled the cover, but since it was gone I didn't know that is where it went. I will report back on how it goes.
  5. Zappo

    Window guide rail replacement

    I already have the replacement guide. It is $22. I am looking for guidance on how to do it and what needs to be pulled to access it. I pulled the door card off and the plastic covers, but I couldn't see the rear of the glass at all.
  6. Has anyone replaced their's before? I am talking about the rails for the edge of the window in the door, not the regulator guide rollers. When I roll up my drivers window, it is always tilted slightly forward; sometimes far enough that a gap opens up at the top rear. Mine has been broken since I got the car. I found it in the bottom of the door bent up.
  7. Zappo

    Immobilizer in my ecu?

    It shouldn't have one.
  8. Replaced the window switch unit.
  9. Towed again. 😞
  10. Had it towed. Fuel pump relay. I thought I had a spare, but can't find it now. It will be back on the road in the morning.
  11. Zappo

    Writing tips

    Given your multiple spelling mistakes in just those few sentences, I would say you need to write your own papers and actually learn something.
  12. Zappo

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Yeah, I know that sound. Sounds like a rock in the valve train; worse as you rev it and quiet as it comes back down to idle. Salvage what you can for the next build!
  13. Zappo

    2020 Presidential Campaign

    Yeah, no tax break for me.
  14. Zappo

    850 r Porsche brake conversion

    15mm minimum, but 16.5mm would be better.
  15. Finally got the Volvo back on the road after 2 weeks. The spider isn't going to like being stuck in the garage now.