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  1. Only started the Volvo today. Work closed because of snow. Installed a new aluminum radiator into the spider, along with new hoses, thermostat, cooling fan and a few temp sensors.
  2. Had a flat fixed, fixed a grounding issue at the battery, swapped HID bulbs in the head lights.
  3. I would change the pump. I am not sure if it can be overhauled or not. Pretty much any H-beam rod will handle the power you are planning.
  4. The spark plugs would tell you a lot. Unlikely to be ring damage. Take the block to a machine shop and have them check it. Other than the aluminum deposit it seems okay. If not, bore it .010 over. You will need to replace the pistons in that case, but if you are looking at 400 hp, I would upgrade them as well as the rods. Better to do it when everything is apart now then to upgrade later.
  5. I already tried that as I have already stated.
  6. I have a lot of experience breaking shit on my car.
  7. Yes. That is how I found mine as well, the log graph looked jagged.
  8. Not enough information to properly answer your question, but as long as your cylinder bores are still good, the block is probably fine. Do you know what caused that? What did the spark plug look like? I melted a piston and was able to reuse the block without boring over.
  9. Replaced the MAF sensor. I was going lean on me at idle and part throttle.
  10. A few days ago the keyless entry stopped working. It isn't a battery issue and I can hear the remote when I press the buttons on it. My other fob isn't working anymore, so this is the only one I have. I tried to see if it just lost programming, but trying to pair it again didn't work. Any ideas on what to check?
  11. I had a broken wire on the harness to the TPS. It would mostly hold together, but would randomly have idle issues among other problems. It took me 6 months to track it down. The break was right at the plug, so I bought a new plug and spliced it into the harness. No codes on it either.
  12. Not located in San Francisco it wouldn't be.
  13. CJ Yother. As far as I know he has never done any tunes to sell, only tuning his own car with Turbo Tuner. I don't think its him.
  14. It ships from San Francisco. I don't know anyone there actually tuning. I have a set of spacers for you that I have been holding for 13 years now. Do they actually belong to you?