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  1. You swapped in the ECU from the T5 correct? Also, I am guessing you went with the manual transmission. What did you do with the connector for the auto transmission? I believe you have to jump two pins in order to fool the ECU into believing the auto is still there. You should be able to find threads on here about manual swapping and what you needs to do with the wiring.
  2. Actually, I was wrong. I am running 25/28. I used to run 25/25. At one point iPd used to sell a race setup that was 25/25, along with their current 25/22 upgrade. I am running coil overs with adjustable dampening. Stiffer in the front than the rear. I adjust dampening when I race the car, but that is my normal setup for the street. I don't run any chassis bracing, but I do have some very beefy end links. My wheel offset is higher to clear my brakes, so the track is wider front and rear. Similar to running spacers with stock wheels. You will definitely feel the difference between a 25 front vs a 20, even at low speed turns. A 25/22 will be similar in handling to what you are used to except it will be flatter in cornering as expected. The Delrin bushings are way easier to install with the frame out than with it in the car. I did it the hard way.
  3. I run 25mm front and rear. You have to be more careful in the snow as the rear will step out on you.
  4. I don't believe you have a 21mm rear as stock. Volvo never made them square for safety reasons as they wanted it to tend to understeer. You most likely have a 19mm rear. You won't notice much difference between the 21 and 20 front, if at all.
  5. Try this thread. A little old at this point, but it should give you some useful information.
  6. The center is just a pad that rests on the trunk. All the electrical is on one side.
  7. My M56 sat in my garage for 3 years at least. I installed an LSD in it, and it sat for another 8 months. I had rear shocks for my spider for 8 years before I finally installed them. Just don't leave them there long enough that you end up selling them.
  8. Topped off the oil and coolant, drained the catch can.
  9. 21 PSI on the commute to work this morning.
  10. You would think they would be standard on an 850R if they were available. I'm guessing they didn't come out until the 70 series cars.