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  1. I could just lock this topic and that would force them to change the script.
  2. Yesterday I fixed another flat. #19 from this job. Drained the catch can. Made another adjustment on the alignment. Still can't get a place to align it that isn't booked out for months.
  3. Or he never did the update. Either way, I am still deleting spam posts, 10-12 a day now.
  4. I say it is riding a bit high in the front right now.
  5. You would trust a spammer to write your papers? Would any of it even make sense? You would flunk out in the first quarter.
  6. I highly recommend it. We don't advertise it either, it is all word of mouth be there is a waiting list to get in. The teens mostly don't want to go because it is getting up early on a weekend, but as soon as they are out driving they love it.
  7. Volvos in Washington don't rust because we don't use salt.
  8. How do they rust like that? Are you driving on the beach?
  9. Gas here is 4.30 and it was higher. I drove my car about 340 miles over the weekend. I was an instructor at SCCA Street Survival, which basically teaches teens better car control that they don't need in basic drivers ed.
  10. How do you like those horns? I need to replace mine soon.
  11. I'm surprised you haven't scammed your way to the top rank, then vanish for a few weeks.
  12. Working on his spamming scripts, and selling Russian boner pills on the side.
  13. That isn't true, but 99% are guests. I flagged an account as a spammer earlier in the week. I do it maybe twice a month at the most though because it is harder to create an account.
  14. Good. I have been deleting 15-20 guest posts a day now.