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  1. Are you sure there isn't already a tune on the car as well?
  2. What is the interior like? Did the owner say what was wrong with it?
  3. I did that, although I don't have the map lights. Did you do the rear seat lights as well?
  4. I am not sure. I did mine, but the only thing that is a little off is my RPMs. That is why I suggested it as a possible reason.
  5. Did someone change the Odometer gear and not put the needles back on correctly?
  6. There is less than a 2% difference between the diameter of those tires, which is only 1 or 2 mph at 60. Also, the 215/45 is shorter, so you would actually be doing 58 or 59 at 60 indicated on the speedometer, not over. That is assuming it would read correctly with the 205/50 tires. I would say you have something else wrong if your speed is off that much.
  7. You won't know the extent of the damage until you open it up. I bent all my rods for the same reason, failed boost controller and over boost. The only damage I actually had were the rods. Pistons were fine and no cylinder damage. I had the rods replaced and the rod bearings, everything else was stock. It was machined and balanced at a machine shop and it ran great. No break in either since I was running the same pistons and rings. I was running an 18t at the time. If you are changing the rods, might as well upgrade the pistons as well. Then you are free to upgrade the turbo at
  8. Looks clean. I believe the seat back cables? go bad and that breaks. Mine both work fine, but I very seldom ever adjust them. I did have a control unit circuit board go bad. I had to solder in a jumper wire to get the passenger seat to move back. It would move forward though.
  9. Drained the catch can. Only takes about 10 minutes to disconnect, drain and reinstall.
  10. Nice find. I am not sure the brakes actually came from iPd. I don't think they were selling them at the time this car was built, and I don't believe they ever sold the 2 piece rotors. That looks like the Euro Sport Tuning setup that used custom aluminum hats on Porsche 323mm rotors. iPd sold their kit later using S/V60R one piece rotors. Cheaper, but heavier than your setup. For the TME tune, I bet that Marco custom tuned the car instead of an off the shelf TME tune. It probably has a better power curve.
  11. Installed the glovebox repair kit. The door opens and closes correctly now.
  12. An 18T will bend rods, I know from experience. Mine was a failed stock boost controller. An 18T or 19T will get you close to what you want, but you will need other mods, at least a down pipe and green injectors.
  13. Rescued my wallet from the broken glovebox door. Changed a HID bulb out.
  14. I am sure the full load goes through the switches. In the spider, almost all ignition power runs through the ignition switch. This was fine in the early 70's, but Fiat never changed the setup as they added more power hungry accessories. I added a relay setup on the wipers about 6 months ago and now they function like normal wiper speed; first time in the 20+ years I have owned the car.