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  1. I want to see it launch Tie Fighter drones.
  2. And others have abandoned him for Trump 2.0...
  3. There isn't enough incentive for me to make the trip. They used to do the show in combination with a track day at Thunderhill, but that stopped quite some time ago. They tried to do autocross a few times, but it has been at least 6 years since they last time. With Mark passing, there isn't even a decent party the day before.
  4. Doubt it. I haven't been there since 2017 and my car is not it show shape. I am fairly certain that for 2016 and 2017 I was the only one from NWC to make the drive down.
  5. I need to find it and make sure it still looks good.
  6. I think I still have mine, but are you sure it is a shifter issue and not the cables?
  7. Temp sensor is easy. You can do it at the same time you are doing the PCV system. It may also be the reason you are running rich. Pulling the intake manifold off is the hardest part of the PCV system replacement, but not really that big of a deal.
  8. Not potential, you need to replace the core ASAP before it lets go completely. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. Luckily, it isn't that difficult to replace. I have done mine twice and there are videos out there on how to do it if you want to tackle it yourself. I'm sure Robert DIY has a video on it.
  9. We'll see if anyone responds.
  10. Is the boot on the axle torn? If so, that could be the source, although it doesn't look like grease. You will have to see how far up the oil is leaking on the back of the engine to determine the source. It looks like the bump stop fell off. It is normally attached inside the spring at the top. It still works as it is captive within the spring.
  11. They are relatively cheap to replace, so do it. If the toe has gone neutral, the car will wander more than if there is the normal slight toe in. Toe alignment issues will case excessive tire wear. I replaced mine in December because of toe issue, and the rear bushing on both were worn out. I am on my 3rd set since owning the car, but I do have a lot of miles on it.
  12. I heard about the new noise rules.
  13. Almost 20 years. I bought it with 67,000 miles, it currently has 342,000. It has been my daily driver the entire time, except when I break it racing.
  14. That was quick. I wanted a red R, but couldn't find one. My black one has severed me well though.
  15. You know this isn't a Volvo Truck forum.
  16. Looks like everything on the street got hit, just like in the movies. Hopefully, you have insurance to cover it. It could be a number of things. The fuel lines may be damaged at the subframe. Since you ran it the day before, it is possible there was still enough pressure in the system to start the car and idle, but it would run out quickly and after that you couldn't start. It could be a huge vacuum leak as well, damaged wiring to the MAF, etc. I wouldn't worry about running the engine until you inspect everything from under the car. Your mechanic should easily see any fuel line issues when replacing the subframe.
  17. DeSantis is only big in Florida.
  18. Yeah, we can let this thread die. Still supporting the wannabe dictator?
  19. It is like a 6.5mm. I used a 1/4", but even that is slightly too large. It is fine to use with they are new, but once they start to get any corrosion using the right size will keep them from getting damaged.
  20. An update I suspect. We have had the same issue in the past, but only for a day or so.
  21. Over the last month: The Volvo can hit 22 psi now without blowing pipes off. About time to go racing with it again. Fixed a broken headlight bulb retaining spring on my headlights. Since I have custom headlights, I ordered a bunch of random springs and found one close enough that I could modify to work. Drained the catch can. I need a bigger one so I don't have to do it every other weekend, but it is definitely working. Installed Wilwood brakes on the front of the spider. Still trying to bleed them correctly. I'm used to 10-11mm bleed screws, but the Wilwood's use 1/4" on the calipers I have. It took me a hour just to find a 1/4" wrench; 7mm is too big, 6mm is too small. My bleed hose barely fits on them. I'll be working on them again today to try and finish up. A bunch of other stuff I've already forgotten about.
  22. I would rather have no power steering.
  23. Instructed autocross again today. On the drive home, I hit 22 psi in the express lane tunnel in Seattle and apparently blew off the brake booster hose. 30 miles later I take the exit off the freeway and I am sitting at a light and I know I have a massive vacuum leak. I assume it was from the work I did the week before. Didn't have a problem stopping for the light, but next light it felt like I was pressing a block of wood and I was barely slowing down. Luckily I was close to home at that point. Reattached the hose with a clamp. Runs correctly again.
  24. K24 isn't that big. I only asked because the graph looks like it takes a long time for it to spool up. I'm guessing the PSI vs RPM isn't correct and you were more concerned about the air flow. I also turned my battery and my filter sits between the battery and the throttle body. The actual air intake is from a hose down at the air vents in the front bumper. I never modified my battery cables either, which would probably make it fit better.