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  1. It has both the trans and oil coolers as it is basically to replace the stock radiator. I don't use either.
  2. Installed the glovebox repair kit. The door opens and closes correctly now.
  3. An 18T will bend rods, I know from experience. Mine was a failed stock boost controller. An 18T or 19T will get you close to what you want, but you will need other mods, at least a down pipe and green injectors.
  4. Rescued my wallet from the broken glovebox door. Changed a HID bulb out.
  5. I have the DO88, yes. I have been running it for a year and a half I believe. No issues. It is thicker than stock, maybe 10mm or so, and it will extend into the engine bay that far. If you are mostly stock, no issues. I had to change my lower intercooler pipe. I had a 3" pipe and it no longer fit, so I had to adapt to a 2.5" and move to 3" once I cleared the radiator. The outlet on my intercooler is 2.5", so not a big deal.
  6. I would check this as well. I had the same issue for years but didn't know it. When I had my head gasket done a few months ago, they noticed the manifold was leaking at the head. Machined it flat again.
  7. I have had 2 failed, 1 stock, 1 Nissen. I went all aluminum after that. My Nissen did last around 7 years.
  8. I am sure the full load goes through the switches. In the spider, almost all ignition power runs through the ignition switch. This was fine in the early 70's, but Fiat never changed the setup as they added more power hungry accessories. I added a relay setup on the wipers about 6 months ago and now they function like normal wiper speed; first time in the 20+ years I have owned the car.
  9. Nice work. I need to do the power window relays for my spider.
  10. I believe that was my very first mod I did on my car is the iPd mesh grill. Still rockin' it.
  11. Where the stock coil and airbox used to be. I run it inline with the stock PCV system.
  12. First time draining the catch can after install. It looks cool, but not very convenient to drain, so I may need another solution. It does work well though.
  13. Didn't mess with the Volvo today, but on the spider I cleaned the vapor separator and install new hoses for it. The short elbow was so old it broke.
  14. Fixed an alignment issue on the Volvo. It should also solve my torque steer problem.
  15. We have had very few cases, but the first positive that I know of was a big Trump supporter who usually refused to wear a mask. He would be the one I figured would get it first. However, one of the people who was most afraid of getting it tested positive was well. No one else in that office caught it though, so our protocols are working. Both were mild cases I guess and they were back to work after testing negative.
  16. I don't have a picture, but this is what I bought.
  17. Didn't work on the car, but for the car. While the spider is still getting some exhaust work done, I cleaned up the garage a bit and installed a tire rack on the wall. Barely made a dent in my wheel collection, so I probably need to order 4 more racks. 😛 I also put gas in the car.
  18. Zappo

    Project Pras

    I don't. Far more gray hair now.
  19. Replaced the battery yesterday as it was dying quickly. Today I installed a new battery try because the one I had in there before was falling apart.
  20. Installed a catch can. Not pretty right now, just testing to see if it works. Replaced the upper engine mount at the firewall as well. That should fix my vibration issue.
  21. Picked up the Volvo and dropped the spider off for some work on it. Started it up and was talking with someone before I left. Go to leave, the car dies. Fuel pump relay. Pulled it out, hit it against the shock tower and put it back in. Car fired up. Need to order a new one. The car has some minor issue still I need to work out.
  22. I have been adjusting the alignment on the spider for the last few days and it should be a lot closer now. Volvo is back on the road. I don't think I can make it down there today to pick it up, but I am off early tomorrow and should be able to do it then. I will have him do some exhaust work on the spider.
  23. I ran an 18t and bent all the rods due to a failed boost controller. A proper tune is very important, but even then you can still do damage. I don't believe the 19t will reach 320 HP at the wheels.
  24. I am sure they will find more illegal stuff he has done long after he is out of office.
  25. Volvo is still down getting the head gasket replaced. He has fixed a few other things that I didn't know about, like the check valve for the fuel tank vapor canister. Apparently I have been pressurizing the fuel tank under boost. I got bumped because he finished up an AWD conversion on an 850R, so now that it is done and out of the shop he can finish my car. I replaced the Idler Arm on the spider tonight. It was completely shot, so I am interested to see how improved the steering is going to work tomorrow. Hopefully the Volvo will be finished tomorrow as well.