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  1. That is most likely an 850 straight flange. It won't fit an S60 turbo because the turbo flange is angled and definitely won't fit an AWD S60; it won't clear the driveline. The upper bung is for a wideband sensor. The two other bugs appear to be in the correct places. The extension in the rear is to fool the rear O2 sensor since this downpipe has removed the catalytic converter.
  2. I agree with Mayor Pete, but most of the US wouldn't go for him.
  3. The majority of the lawsuits will be tossed out immediately. They already separated some of the votes in Pennsylvania and it didn't matter. What could happen are delegates not voting the way the people want. That is another messed up part of the system. What is more troubling is what Trump will do when reality sets in and he actually knows he is out. He has already started firing people again.
  4. There's a name a I haven't heard in a while.
  5. I voted weeks ago, and even then there was actually a line at the ballot drop box at 7am in the morning.
  6. Oil Change. The leaking heater core froze my Zeitronix logger, so working on getting that cleaned up to see if I can make it work again.
  7. Replaced the heater core and adjusted the wiper arms.
  8. Of course not, that would be helpful. The only code I ever get is P0505, but I only get that code with the 4.4 ECU. If I switch back to the 4.3 I don't get that error.
  9. I have this strange misfire when the car is has been sitting for 30 minutes to a few hours after driving. It acts like it is trying to clear out maybe some oil leaking into the cylinders. It isn't rough enough to be a bad coil. It clears up after a minute. However, over night this isn't a problem and seems to fire up and run fine in the morning. So, after work I pulled the coils, checked the plugs and ran a compression check on all cylinders. No issues. 170 psi on all 5. Plugs looked good with normal color; no fouling. Put it all back together, same misfire. So, that means the rings and valve seals are still good, so I am guessing a leaky oil seal in the turbo. Currently running a Garrett GTX2867R turbo, and probably have 100k on it, so it may be likely.
  10. You could also be noticing something that was always there, you are just more attentive to it now. As long as the idle is smooth, you are probably fine.
  11. I race, I don't street race. Easily 12 pages.
  12. Maybe, and I am running a 4.4 in a 4.3 car, but it did it with the 4.3 ECUs as well. There is a fault and most likely a failed temp sensor or similar, but it hasn't bothered me enough to look into fixing it.
  13. Yes, I have had the flashing for many years. I haven't bothered to track down the issue as it would require the Volvo scan tool.
  14. Zappo

    Project Pras

    I have met 4 in person. It has been a while though.
  15. I don't have EGR on my 850 either, and the car was stock when I bought it. Well, you have a resource here. Be sure the bleed off the fuel pressure before you do the fuel filter. Also, Robert DIY is the man. I still refer to his videos.
  16. I still don't get why a turbo car would have a secondary air pump. I have never seen that before.
  17. Few hours drive. Danny could knock out that list in a few hours if he had all the parts, but I don't think he has a place work on cars right now. I also don't know when the last time he worked on a car that wasn't his own. I see from your other posts that you are getting the cooler lines done for $500. That is a little high, but not bad for the job. The lines are probably 200 in parts, if they are stock Volvo.
  18. The strut mount I would do myself. I used to be able to do that in 30 minutes, but I am out of practice since I haven't had stock suspension for some time. Oil cooler lines leaking is common. $2000 to fix both? They are ripping you off. The vacuum lines and cooler pipes you could do yourself. I would do it all myself, but I have the tools to do it all. Do you have tools to do any of the work? Why does your car have an air pump? Is he talking about the turbo? That is the only air pump you should have.
  19. Yeah, you never said it had to be the original motor. The car has that mileage, the engine does not. I have blown up 3 engines, but I have had 5 in the car. Well, technically 4 since I am running the original block right now. It is a combination of the last 2 engine failures. I am sure there are several cars on here that can beat my mileage and on the original engine as well. iPd is the biggest in the PNW, but all shows were cancelled this year. Davis is bigger, but it is a bit of a hike.
  20. If it is just light rust starting, they didn't drive that much. I have seen an east coast car where the axle was fused to the wheel hub. Had to pull them out together and replace them both.
  21. Why would there be rust just because there is rain? I have no rust. Western Washington doesn't salt roads in the winter, so no rust issues.
  22. Same car. It is my daily. It is far from show condition right now.