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  1. I started to disassemble one of my spares. At one point I had taken one apart and changed out all the LEDs to change the color, but right now I have no idea how I did any of it. The 4 window switches look exactly the same, so I should just be able to pop a good one out to replace the one bad one, then solder the connections back up. I have unsoldered the ground and power off the 4 switches as this also locks them in place, but I can't seem to get one to pop out. I get one end loose, but it won't come all the way out. I should have 3 switch packs total, including the one in the car, but I can't seem to find my original one. Or, maybe I am working on the original one and don't know it.
  2. It is pretty much the OG people at this point anyway.
  3. Hello, Since it appears you can no longer order these new, even aftermarket, I am looking to see if anyone has a working used one they are willing to sell. Thanks,
  4. Was the trooper wearing Mickey ears? You've seen my dash cam footage proving the shop damaged my car. I wouldn't drive without one now.
  5. I'm hoping the need for the wagon will return in the future.
  6. When I replaced mine, I didn't know about it either. It was only in the early fall when I started working on the rear brakes and researched it that you have to bench bleed. Mine is definitely at an angle, 2 channels but 2 ports for each channel. However, the rear only uses one port and it is on the low side, not the high side, so there will be an air pocket. After looking at your setup closer, your feed lines are on top, but the brake lines are on the side. I don't think you will have a problem straight bleeding in the car. Mine is has everything coming out the top, and every one I have seen before yours all come out the top. With yours will probably gravity bleed itself.
  7. I replaced my master on the spider years ago and it never fully bled. It was the reason I replaced in the first place because the old one wouldn't fully bleed, but that was more likely because it was original to the car in the early 80s. I don't think a vacuum would work for me unless I could put the whole thing under vacuum before releasing any fluid in. Otherwise I would still have a trapped pocket of air. I am doing a lot of brake work on that car this winter, so I will be removing the master to get it properly bled before installing it with fluid in it to finish bleeding the rest of the system. Yours appears to be flat, so you may not have the same issue, but I figured I would ask.
  8. Do you have to bench bleed that master cylinder, or does it sit flat enough to bleed in the car? The one in my spider sits in the car at an angle, so you can never get all the air out of it in the car. I guess you could if you had the car jacked up on one side to a 30 degree angle, but that isn't all that safe.
  9. We've been here a long time now.
  10. I'm not sure I have all the permission to do it, but I can try. Can you give me the link?
  11. Put some more snow miles on the car. Didn't want to, but internet problems at work forced me to go in and deal with it so everything is working Monday morning. I was sliding the car around at work and the owner showed up. No issues though as no one else was around. Apparently he got his Polaris four seater stuck and just got free. I am sure he was trying to climb some steep incline just playing around.
  12. Well, after driving the CRV in the snow at work, it does better than my car. The AWD does help for sure. It being heavier helps as well.
  13. The vehicles here you see in the ditch are always trucks or SUVs. I now have a work vehicle provided by the company, a Honda CRV. They told me to take it home when it snows and leave my car at work. It is AWD, but the tires aren't good enough. I might drive it around in the snow tomorrow to see how bad it is. I am very against leaving my car at work overnight for any reason.
  14. Drove to work and back in the snow. The parking brake was frozen this morning, so I spent 5 minutes freeing that up. Car and tires did well. Luckily it isn't the usual snow we get where it sits above and below freezing, so the snow melts in the day and it is ice at night. ABS still works. I wanted to see how well the tires stopped in the snow, so I tested at work and the ABS kicked in almost immediately. I haven't felt it in over 15 years as the brakes I have never lock up in the dry or the wet. Do you ever have the crazy pickup drivers who think as soon as it snows the speed limits don't apply to them?
  15. I will be driving to work in the morning in the snow. Currently 19F and light snow with 4-6 inches on the ground. I'm mostly worried about my tires being frozen to the driveway right now. You should experience what it is like to drive at 35-40 degrees vs 60-80. The turbos wake up.
  16. Drove to my parents house and back in the snow. Mostly just slush and some ice buildup on the road, but the front of the car was packed snow. Back home now with no snow in Everett currently. Temp is dropping quickly now. It is supposed to be down to 9F for a low on Tuesday. Turbo weather.
  17. Wheels look good and your catch can install is much cleaner than mine.
  18. Looks like a germ free environment where you are printing new human body parts.
  19. I should drive to Wisconsin so you can respray my hood and roof.
  20. Well, these are 560 and have a 50,000 mile warranty, but I never get close to 50k out of them. 200 are my race tires.
  21. Wheels are back on the car today. I have 5 sets of rims for the car, but almost all the tires are worn out. I had a set of decent Conti DWs on the front, and race tires on that back just to drop off the wheels and pick them up. The race tires are on the wear bars and are basically slicks at this point. 2 of the DWs are on the cords, so I need to get them replaced. The DWS do okay in the snow, but I should get a set of full winter tires. It doesn't snow that often here, but I still need to get to work when it does.
  22. New tires on the 18" rims, Continental Extreme Contact DWS Plus. 225-40-18 Still in the back of the car. I will mount them tomorrow.