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  1. I don't remember chat all that much. I guess I wasn't in it then.
  2. Would that be the case with an AWD? If you lose a front axle you lose the whole thing? I snapped an axle and lost all gears, but I'm special. 😛
  3. If I knew that, I would be much closer to the answer. I probably knew at one point, but don't remember now. PHP based, but I don't believe it is phpBB.
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't sell the townhouse, it would be a rental if I bought something else.
  5. I wouldn't make that assumption.
  6. There are no 300k houses here. I live in a townhouse at 1180 sqft, and it is currently valued around 350k. I bought it at 123k. There are no decent houses under 550k in the 1600 ft range, and that goes higher the closer you get to Seattle.
  7. Maybe Iron Monkey will appear and insult us all. Top 15%, meaning there are more people posting than I think.
  8. I have been looking at houses lately. Not that serious yet, just looking, but room for a lift is always in my mind. Housing market is crazy here though. I think average time on market is less than 10 days. Ordered more parts for the spider. Parking brake cable needs to be replaced.
  9. I tried as well, but there are a lot of forum programs out there.
  10. No work on the Volvo, but working on the spider. The further I get into the rear brakes, the more parts I have to replace. Added a rear stud kit since I have everything torn apart already. The wheels are a PITA to mount because they aren't hub centric. Swapped out the center brake hose. Adding new hard lines on the rear axle. Both of them are fused at the caliper hoses. No corrosion, they just won't budge; penetrating oil, heat, nothing worked so I had to cut them off. The rest of the fittings unbolted easily. I could really use a lift right now.
  11. It is hard to know. I suppose I could do some research and figure it out, but haven't gone there yet. Easier to just keep posting to see what pops up.
  12. I'm up to 10 badges now.
  13. It might increase traffic a bit. I know I am posting a bit more because of it.
  14. You still talk with him? I haven't seen him in years now. Carson actually lives close by me now.
  15. Kevin (Underlord) used to reply to posts so quickly when I first started here it was like chat for him. I don't know how he ever got any actual work done.
  16. It doesn't, because I got the prolific poster badge, which is 500 posts. My first badges are from Saturday, so it at least started then, but I didn't post much last week.
  17. Yeah, I can't see chat working well. I used to have more time at work, but now I am only on VS at home.
  18. Does posting pictures give you a badge?
  19. Damn, already ahead of me. Ok, now I made Rookie. 18,000 posts, but still a rookie.
  20. And an hour later the test drive confirms I fixed the issue.
  21. Rankings and badges. I have earned 6 badges in the last 24 hours. Still says I am a newbie. Now I want to see a list of badges.
  22. Replaced the lower control arms. Ball joints were still good, but one bushing on each side was worn out. Hopefully this fixes my strange steering wheel pull under braking. Replaced the driver side steering rack boot. I noticed it was damaged when I was fixing the alignment a few weeks ago. Tearing in the rear brakes on the spider.
  23. I will keep searching around. The alignment isn't perfect, but much better than it was. I already know I can make 2 adjustments to make it better. I currently have 2 of my race tires on the front (street legal), and the car really likes to turn into corners now. Once I replace the rack boots I will try to find a place to do it. My spider needs alignment as well since I replaced all the steering linkage. I aligned it as well and it is close, but it is easier than the Volvo, so that may be my test; align this right and then I will bring in the Volvo.
  24. Fixed an alignment problem myself. I am having a hard time finding a place to do the alignment. Called 3 different places only to find they don't do alignments, even though the websites say they do. they mechanic I used to have do it can't since his machine is broken. I ordered new steering rack boots since one is damaged.