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  1. 4 hours ago, caanglin said:

    Several people in our office got it. Some techs got it as well. The common theme seems to be hardcore right wing and claim it to be a hoax. 🤣

    We have had very few cases, but the first positive that I know of was a big Trump supporter who usually refused to wear a mask.  He would be the one I figured would get it first.  However, one of the people who was most afraid of getting it tested positive was well.  No one else in that office caught it though, so our protocols are working.  Both were mild cases I guess and they were back to work after testing negative.

  2. Picked up the Volvo and dropped the spider off for some work on it.

    Started it up and was talking with someone before I left.  Go to leave, the car dies.  Fuel pump relay.  Pulled it out, hit it against the shock tower and put it back in.  Car fired up.  Need to order a new one.  

    The car has some minor issue still I need to work out.

  3. Volvo is still down getting the head gasket replaced.  He has fixed a few other things that I didn't know about, like the check valve for the fuel tank vapor canister.  Apparently I have been pressurizing the fuel tank under boost.  I got bumped because he finished up an AWD conversion on an 850R, so now that it is done and out of the shop he can finish my car.

    I replaced the Idler Arm on the spider tonight.  It was completely shot, so I am interested to see how improved the steering is going to work tomorrow.  Hopefully the Volvo will be finished tomorrow as well.


  4. Fixed an oil leak, hopefully.  Swapped on the winter wheels, which are actually my show wheels but they have the better winter tires on them.  Searched for a coolant leak.  I thought the new heater core might be leaking, but I pull the covers and ran the engine up to full temp and no leaks there.  It might be the lower coolant hose on the turbo, but I didn't feel like crawling under there to investigate.  

    Found out I broke another rear shock mount, same side as the first time.  I thought I had a spare but I can't find it, so maybe I already used it.  Ordered a new one.  There is enough mud on my car from work you would think I was racing rally with it, but no.


  5. I would avoid using the adapter if you can as it will put the turbo closer to the firewall.  However, it is an easy solution to avoid machining off the raised ring of the exhaust manifold.  Most people will machine the sealing ring flat and bolt on the turbo. 

    It isn't going to cause a back pressure issue.

  6. That is most likely an 850 straight flange.  It won't fit an S60 turbo because the turbo flange is angled and definitely won't fit an AWD S60; it won't clear the driveline.

    The upper bung is for a wideband sensor.  The two other bugs appear to be in the correct places.  The extension in the rear is to fool the rear O2 sensor since this downpipe has removed the catalytic converter.

  7. The majority of the lawsuits will be tossed out immediately.  They already separated some of the votes in Pennsylvania and it didn't matter.

    What could happen are delegates not voting the way the people want.  That is another messed up part of the system.

    What is more troubling is what Trump will do when reality sets in and he actually knows he is out.  He has already started firing people again.