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  1. I have this strange misfire when the car is has been sitting for 30 minutes to a few hours after driving. It acts like it is trying to clear out maybe some oil leaking into the cylinders. It isn't rough enough to be a bad coil. It clears up after a minute. However, over night this isn't a problem and seems to fire up and run fine in the morning. So, after work I pulled the coils, checked the plugs and ran a compression check on all cylinders. No issues. 170 psi on all 5. Plugs looked good with normal color; no fouling. Put it all back together, same misfire. So, that means th
  2. You could also be noticing something that was always there, you are just more attentive to it now. As long as the idle is smooth, you are probably fine.
  3. Zappo

    Project Pras

    I have met 4 in person. It has been a while though.
  4. Replaced the coolant reservoir cap. Car has been down for days waiting on one as it was puking out coolant with either one of the two I had in stock. Back on the road. I have missed the A/C.
  5. Painted the rear quarter window trim. It was peeling up showing the bare aluminum. Washed the car as well.
  6. No, all of mine are from work. I work at a construction recycling facility and I have to use my car for work, so pick up random nails, screws, etc. In the 20 years prior to this job I have 1 flat that I can remember. I have had 15 in the last 2 years. I do get a tire allowance, but still a pain to deal with all the time.
  7. Another week, another flat. This is why I run crap tires for the summer. Worked on replacing the exhaust on the spider, header back. It fought me trying to remove the old exhaust. Need to get smaller bolts as the stock ones don't fit with the larger pipe now. Nothing is ever truly bolt-on.
  8. Fixed another flat. Washed the car. Fixed the driver side door trim, front and rear.
  9. Fixed another flat tire and fixed my front alignment.
  10. Harness was new. Came with the ECU when I bought it.
  11. Anyone else having issues with the COP harness? I have been getting miss-fires in the morning on cold starts. It corrects itself after the engine warms up a little. At first I thought it was a bad coil, but I found if I physically lift the harness the miss-fire goes away. I don't see any physical damage to the wires, but I can't tell if it is a plug issue.
  12. On the Volvo: Fixed a front turn signal issue. Looked at the A/C issue and I am guessing wiring. The clutch is not engaging. If I tap on it, it will turn slightly, then stop. That leads me to believe there is no engage signal to it. Swapped out a bad coil. On the Spider: Installed a new billet water union. It has a quick bleed value as well as a place cooling fan switch. The fan comes on well before the stock switch in the bottom of the radiator. The block water temp stays where it should be now instead of going to 220 on the stock switch when the bottom of the radiato
  13. Swapped out the cabin filter. The old one was full of hog fuel dust.
  14. The remote itself was bad. I got a new one, it paired and it worked. The old one died in the middle of the day. Batteries were good, I could hear the buttons working, but it wouldn't pair again. I got 2 remotes when I bought the car and the second one worked for a while, but it started just locking the car regardless of the button you pushed. I see the iPd sells the OEM ones now, so I got one. They were hard to find a few years ago.
  15. Replaced a broken rear shock mount. Got my remote locking working again.
  16. I want someone to beat Trump too. Then I want to make sure he isn't reelected.
  17. Bought a new brake line, cut it, swapped on the old fittings as the ones that came with the line are too big. Bent it into shape and flared the end. Bleed the brakes and it works great.
  18. About time someone other than me is posting here. I pulled the damaged hard brake line off. I have to find a replacement now. I do that with my spider, except I am actually buying stuff and installing it. I put a new transmission in it a few months ago and over the past week I installed an upgraded cooling system. I finished it just in time for the Volvo to break.
  19. Just parked in the garage. Left rear caliper was leaking bad on the way home. No time to dig into it tonight. I hope the line isn't damaged.
  20. Only started the Volvo today. Work closed because of snow. Installed a new aluminum radiator into the spider, along with new hoses, thermostat, cooling fan and a few temp sensors.
  21. Had a flat fixed, fixed a grounding issue at the battery, swapped HID bulbs in the head lights.