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  1. Replaced the MAF sensor. I was going lean on me at idle and part throttle.
  2. Replaced the broken sway bar mount, oil change and mounted the all season tires for the winter.
  3. Removed a broken front anti-sway bar poly mount. Apparently I have put a bit of force on it. I am surprised it lasted as long as it has. It was the original 25mm IPD bar kit. I see they have some stronger mounts now, so time to replace the poly mounts as well. Time to drive the spider for a few days with the new transmission.
  4. Replaced the driver seat belt so I can drive the car again. $500 new, $23 wrecking yard. Luckily I found a few in the yard. First one I pulled did the same thing mine does, not unwind, but the second one works fine. Then I installed a short shift in the spider.
  5. The thumbs up is his standard photo pose. He only cares about how people see him; he doesn't give a shit about who he is with.
  6. Replaced a coil and finally back on the road again. The radiator issue has been a month long issue, but hopefully it is all fixed now. The spider has been happy to be back on the road.
  7. I never had the flashing arrow, even with tracking the car. Still replaced it with the M56.
  8. The tire was shot. I have used that quote a lot, and it is true for me, and not just about the car. Main reason I never gamble.
  9. Another f'ing flat. The tire is probably shot on this one. I need a new job.
  10. My one before that sheared off the upper hose connection. It looked like it had been cut off. This one would have been a great geyser if the hood had been open.
  11. Installed this Because of this The do88 radiator is bigger than the stock one which I thought was great, until I started to reinstall my intercooler piping. The radiator is about 10mm thicker, with everything extending 10mm closer to the engine. My 3" pipe for the intercooler no longer fits, so I have to come up with a solution for that. I still had the old piping I got from Josh with the engine. It works, but it is a restriction. Car is back on the road again.
  12. F'ing towed it again! Cracked end tank on the radiator.
  13. Had it towed. Fuel pump relay. I thought I had a spare, but can't find it now. It will be back on the road in the morning.
  14. Yeah, I know that sound. Sounds like a rock in the valve train; worse as you rev it and quiet as it comes back down to idle. Salvage what you can for the next build!
  15. Finally got the Volvo back on the road after 2 weeks. The spider isn't going to like being stuck in the garage now.
  16. No, he only take credit for going up. Going down is someone else's fault.
  17. I work for a construction recycling company now. The HOG fuel dust already covered my car. On the plus side, it did pass emissions today.
  18. Washed 3 months of crap off it. It will be filthy again in 3 days, but I feel better. I need to find a cleaner job to work at.
  19. Replaced the broken hood release cable. PITA, but so much easier to open the hood than it was before.
  20. Replaced the crank position sensor. It runs much better than it has for the past month. Still not fixed, but better. Also rigged up a pull cord to open the hood as I broke the hood release cable this morning. 304,000 miles on it. Trying to find a replacement is proving difficult.
  21. Before I do that I am going to swap in my spare wideband sensor and see if it is just my logs not reading correctly. The current injectors are Bosch 630cc. I sold the 650cc Seimens injectors, so the next biggest size I have are 465cc, so not going to work. However, the injectors don't explain the cutout at high RPM.
  22. I may do that at some point, but his system doesn't fix the real problem.