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  1. I am getting to the point to just sell it or part it out. No one seems to be able to figure it out. I have had the issue for a year, but it was very minor when it started. When it first started, starting the car cold was fine, but give it a little gas when taking off, it would bog down and want to stall. Once there was a little heat in the engine, that issue would go away. I still had the cut out under boost at high RPM, but only noticed it when racing. I figured it was a tune issue when I swapped exhaust housings and didn't retune for it. It was never lean, I just figured it was to
  2. Fuel pump relay didn't change anything. I doubt ignition relay will either.
  3. No, but I have a new fuel pump relay I can swap in before going to work. I will have to order the ignition relay.
  4. Installed a brand new Walbro fuel pump last night. Didn't fix my issue. :(
  5. Well, the pump is next on my list. It is a Walbro that I installed many years ago.
  6. Pressure was tested at the rail at idle and it was normal. However, that testing was done a month ago and things have gotten worse since then. Injectors are Bosch 630cc.
  7. When I start it cold, it sometimes acts like it is only firing on 3 cylinders, then slowly comes up to idle normally. Not every time, but half the time. AFR shows normal, it just doesn't run right the first 20 seconds or so. Also, if it isn't warmed up, give it a little gas to start out and it wants to stall. Once is starts to warm up, these problems go away. The other issue is under boost it acts like it hits rev limiter at 4200-4500 RPM. No boost you can get it to 5000. Fuel economy sucks as well. AFR under boost should be 11.3-11.5, but it is 12.1. The tune wasn't set that lean
  8. Replaced the fuel pressure regulator trying to track down a problem. That didn't fix it. :(
  9. Changed my front brake rotors. Also hopefully fixed a very annoying squeak in my front suspension.
  10. Mine is my daily which is now sitting at 301,000 miles on it. I don't know about your garage queens. I swapped the O2 sensor trying to solve a random issue when starting cold.
  11. Hopefully fixed an oil leak. Fixed a turn signal problem.
  12. What tune are you running? I would say a bit too lean.
  13. So, the odo is in kilometers and he could import it? No.
  14. I will see what I have that works and post it up. I have to find footage where I am not cussing at other drivers. :)
  15. Mine works through the tint, although probably not as well at night obviously.
  16. My rear camera doesn't have night vision, but the front one does and works well. I see way too many stupid people on the road lately. I like having proof in case of an accident, but I could easily put together a stupid driver video after 6 months and post it on YouTube. :)
  17. Installed my new dash cameras. BlackVue DR750S with front and rear cameras.
  18. Bought a dash camera. BlackVue DR750s with front and rear cameras. I see so much crap on the road I figure i should start documenting it all.
  19. Tires are one of the most important changes you can make. They are also a big investment. You should pick up a cheap garden sprayer to cool off your tires between runs. I am sure you saw others there with them. Once the tire overheats your traction starts to drop. It is a balance of keeping the tires warm enough to stick well without getting them too hot. Are you running wheel spacers? If so, don't race with them. They widen the track which increases turning radius. On the rear, they will keep the car from rotating in the corners. They are fine on track days, but autocross they a
  20. Raced the car yesterday. Way too hot as the track was in the low 90's, and with runs only being 50 seconds or so, you are always in the heat. Spraying the tires after the first run. I won, but only because I was the only one in the class to show up.
  21. It did ok. It isn't an autocross car, not mater what you do to it. You can't get enough tire on it. Those are 235's and I have rubbing issues with them at full lock, so I will back to 225's when I wear these out. The car seems slow to me, but that is because I have been driving faster cars. My times say it isn't that slow. :)
  22. Finally back home after 1600 mile trip. Car ran just fine.