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  1. Friday I drove it 12 hours down to Davis for the Davis show. Attended the show on Sunday, then drove 4 hours north to one of our hotels in Ashland OR. I have been working at our Oregon hotels on the way home, so my company will pay mileage. I should be home tomorrow. I am at 1200+ miles for the trip so far.
  2. Raced it yesterday. It was raining so hard I didn't bother with video as you wouldn't see much. I couple of the runs I had to have the wipers on high just to see. :) It is going in for detail on Wednesday to get ready for the trip down to the Davis show this weekend.
  3. Am I the only one that posts in here now? Attempted to change my fuel pump seal, but gave up since I am racing the car tomorrow and don't want to break the damn connector. Swapped on the rain tires as it looks like a wet one tomorrow.
  4. Good luck and have fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  5. Not a lot of work going on in the last week it seems. I replaced my starter today and fixed some grounding issues with my oil temp and pressure senders.
  6. Tried to register twice now, but the eStore won't connect to PayPal.
  7. if you started at 38, then lower them back to 38 as they heat up. You want things to be consistent. If you let the pressure change, your traction changes and the car handles differently every run. You don't want that unless it is to make improvements. You should see other drivers in the grid checking and adjusting pressure in their tires after runs. When the events are warm or hot, you will see the sprayers come out to cool down the tires. You want your front tire pressure as low as you can go without rolling the tires. The lower the pressure, the bigger the contact patch and the
  8. No. The front pressure should be high enough that you aren't rolling the tire in corners. On high performance tires there are small arrows (typically triangles) that indicate the wear limit on the sides. The Lexani tires don't have them from what I see, but also you could have lowered your pressure in the front for better traction. Since you most likely don't have adjustable suspension, air pressure is the only thing you can change. I would run the rear tires at 40 and the fronts at 38 next time. Use a piece of chalk and mark a few lines on the side of the tire to use as indicato
  9. Raced the car again on Saturday. It will have a few weeks off racing now.
  10. Sorry, the Golf is a 2012 model. The owner just won the STX class in the Pro Solo in Fontana, CA over the weekend. He was running BFG Rivals mostly because Bridgestone doesn't do contingency in the Pro. He won 2 tires and will easily have enough points to go to Nationals this year. I don't have enough PTO to drive around the country to race. :) For the Continentals, I run DWS as my daily driver tire. I have had to use them in the snow and they worked well. They don't do well in autocross if it is warm and dry, but wet they are very good. Even better if it is in the mid 30s as the
  11. The RS-3s sat in the garage since last summer. I didn't drive on them until the swapping them on at the event on Sunday. I am running them all week, but if it rains on Saturday I will be back on the Continentals. The Bridgestone RE-71 is a better tire than the RS-3, although I hear there is an RS-4 now.
  12. I won on Saturday, but I didn't really have any competition. It was raining, so I ended up with a decent raw time overall. Sunday was dry and I stayed close with the WRX that won. It was a tight course, so the WRX low end torque helped it. It has been almost 2 years since I raced the Volvo, so it was getting used to how it responded again. It was cold and my tires never really warmed up either. I will race it again on the 8th, then back in the Golf R for another series on the 9th. Looks like rain for Saturday right now, and surprisingly, I have beat the Subie quite often in th
  13. Raced it. it has been almost 2 years. Racing it again today and next Saturday.
  14. They are actually Thule bars, just branded for Volvo.
  15. Changed the spark plugs this morning. This past week I finally got the last oil leak fixed. There was a nick in the metal of the sealing ring of the oil pump; right where the o-ring sits. It wouldn't leak at idle, so that was a hard one to track down. Also got a new custom exhaust installed.
  16. Replaced the trunk struts. So much better now.
  17. Shouldn't you also have dual tach or can you switch between engines?
  18. Not sure why I am being dragged into this as I don't believe I have ever posted anything about minimum wage. Also, Gary, if anyone is blindly following someone, it is you following Trump. I have never said who I was going to vote for, I have only said I will never vote for Trump.
  19. No, just the shit coming out of Trump's mouth. Does Trump ever say anything positive about anything except people with the last name Trump? So, has everyone heard the latest conspiracy theory on The Donald and the Russians?
  20. Sounds like you need to move back to Washington.
  21. Never believe anything Trump says until he actually does it.