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  1. McCain picked a crazy nutcase as his running mate and look how that worked out for him?
  2. The only reason Kasich is still in it is to make sure Trump doesn't win it automatically.
  3. Actually, Trump started it, but not against Cruz. He tweeted out a comment last summer about Jeb Bush's wife and why he likes illegal immigrants.
  4. That is more about how bad George W was than Obama.
  5. Trump is a text book case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and this article just confirms it. This is more like what everyone thought last summer; Trump never wanted to be president, he only wanted to show that people would vote for him. It is the reason that Trump never releases his plan for anything because he doesn't have a plan and never did. His ego is in control now.
  6. Better qualified than Trump, but then, that isn't hard.
  7. I suspect Christie endorsed Trump as a possible bid to be his VP. Carson? Who knows, maybe he is still sleep walking. I agree that the rest of Trump rallies will probably have to have heavy security.
  8. I think this is a good assessment of why Trump acts the way he does.
  9. Kevin, the Democrats have "Super Delegates" which aren't won. The party establishment gives them to whomever they want to win. This has already been discussed. Undemocratic? You may view it that way, but the caucus/primaries have only been around since the late 60s early 70s. Before that the party simply picked their candidate. The GOP doesn't have them. If they did, Trump wouldn't be leading.
  10. Maybe if Bush endorse Kasich the donors my move to him, but probably not. I would say it is 3 horse race on the GOP side now: Trump, Rubio and Cruz. I am not sure why Carson is still in, but he has always been in his own little world.
  11. This isn't quite true. The represent the people who got them elected, not necessarily the people who voted for them.
  12. The press has already turned on Trump as soon as it was clear he wasn't going to win Iowa.
  13. Agreed. You have to go full on evangelical to win in Iowa. It is the reason that Huckabee dropped out because if he can't do well in Iowa, he will never gain traction.
  14. The early states haven't been a good indicator for at least the last few elections, at least on the Republican side. Although, normally the crazies would have dropped out by now, but there are 3 in the top 4 right now. Rubio, as the sane one, isn't doing bad right now though.
  15. No, he just wanted to shrink the containers down to his size.
  16. After seeing part of Palin's speech, I think she has gotten even dumber than just a few years ago.
  17. I don't need to answer the question because I am not running for president. This is a job interview and if I can't get a straight answer on how a candidate is going to perform over the next 4 years, I don't want that person in the job. As for Carson, I think he has been huffing nitrous oxide for the past 20 years and has fried his brain.
  18. Most of the GOP candidates would "answer" the same way because they don't know the real answer.
  19. Trump's ground teams are still in Hawaii trying to figure out why Obama has a legitimate birth certificate. :)
  20. Trump is doing exactly what ISIS wants. They would love for him to be president. If he does get the GOP nomination, the Republicans lose. If he goes independant and does run, Republicans lose.
  21. Jeff Bezos wants to launch him into space. :) Here is another theory about Trump. This was all a publicity stunt, which everyone believed from the beginning. However, Trump never expected to be leading this far into the campaign, so he is trying to self sabotage as a way to exit the race without admitting it was a hoax run for office the whole time. He keeps talking ramping up the crazy, but he is still as popular as ever.
  22. Trump is actually working for the Hilary campaign to destroy the GOP field before the election.