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  1. 061806? Did I fall asleep and miss an entire year? :P
  2. Nice. Barrier here in Bellevue uses a minivan. I have always walked when I have serivce there.
  3. You are right, but I was in withdrawl so it seemed longer!
  4. Maybe so, but it appears to have been down for over 27 hours. You going to get any compensation for the down time? I think something like this happened last month also.
  5. Ok, who voted for Nader? He would ban turbocharged cars because they are too dangerous. :o
  6. Too bad we can't re vote for the last 2 spots.
  7. Too bad you can't vote for your 'best 4'. Something like that would have to be custom written.
  8. Only mods are on the list. It is just who you think should be promoted to a higher level mod. I wouldn't think there would be a vote for a lower level mod. That would be chaos!
  9. It took 3 seconds for everyone's camera to come out to take pictures. NW Crew is a talkative bunch. :)
  10. Yeah, we can't shut him up now. :lol:
  11. You don't get 1920+ in 2 months by posting in OT. :)
  12. Right now, you need just 112. You can do that by Friday. :)
  13. A search on member names finds a few that really shouldn't be around. I have seen names in there that signed up years ago and have never posted.
  14. So, the mission is to break 10,000 by May? :)
  15. If you have a wife and kids, we would be worried about some of your posts on here! :lol:
  16. Agreed. You have have a ton of irrelevant posts from one person, where another will only post when they actually have something to add to the thread, and on topic. :)
  17. Yes, but Kevin is the king!
  18. Interesting. I joined 2 months before Carson, yet he has over 3X my post count. Can you say ... :D
  19. Actually, if you follow the link, you will find that it will explain everything.
  20. The maintenance section alone has saved me far more than $50. No brainer.
  21. I made level 1 and didn't even notice. I should make 1000 by next week right? Ok, next year probably. :)